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A Delicate Hospitality
How Hispanic churches in Southern California negotiate the dilemmas of ministry with undocumented immigrants.
'Divine Conspirator' Dallas Willard Dies at 77
Dallas Willard was on a quiet quest to subvert nominal Christianity.
Nutrition for Nascent Human Life
I'm grateful that the government helped feed my child; I'm less okay with asking it to erase inequality among all citizens.
Sarah Palin: Andrew Sullivan's Punching Bag
The last thing the former governor needs is journalists criticizing her for being true to her own life.
Running in the Shadow of 9/11
Much of my life has been lived in the kinetic shadow of New York City. Last weekend, I owned that city's streets for three hours.
U.K. Christian Says Yes to Abstinence, No to Gardasil
Should women like Simone Davis be required to take STD-preventing shots if they are not having sex?
Assaulted Woman to Be Kept Alive, Rules India Court
Until the story of Aruna Shanbaug, I had never heard the phrase "passive euthanasia," let alone grappled with whether or not I participated in it nearly 20 years ago.
This Is Your Brain on Evangelicalism
NPR reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty's Princeton lecture last week revealed a woman highly ambivalent about evangelical spirituality.
Saving the Life of a Shaken Baby
Byron and Susan Mondoks' adoption of their granddaughter, abused by her birth father, unearths the meaning of love in action.
Unplanned Pregnancy, Unplanned Grace
Wayward teenage years had me fearing I had lost my salvation.
See No Evil
Christian TV may be a cultural ghetto, but living there has its advantages.
Connoisseur for Christ: Roberta Green Ahmanson
What inspires the art enthusiast to give millions away?
Q & A: John Piper on Racism, Reconciliation, and Theology after Trayvon Martin's Death
The Minnesota pastor addresses the foundation for responding to questions on race.
Obama: A Friend to Pro-Lifers?
The President's outlined goals for reducing abortions are ones I can support—as long as he sticks to them.
Dave Ramsey, Megan McArdle, and Jesus
'The Atlantic' blogger's new-found appreciation for the evangelical finance guru forgets his inspiration.
Art That Reveals Our Need for Grace
Physically disabled photographers surprising work reveals to viewer their own limitations.
Working Moms, On Screen and Behind the Camera
Documentarian Laura Waters Hinson creates films to reflect the ultimate narrative.
So, How Are Those Summer Reading Lists Coming?
How to read the Bible in an age of anxiety; plus three book reviews from Christine A. Scheller.
Does Religiosity Encourage Teen Pregnancy?
An interview with Joseph Strayhorn, the co-author of "Religion and Teen Pregnancy Rates."
How Far Should Forgiveness Go?
Seventy times seven? I can barely forgive some corrupt clergy once.

Top Story March 1, 2021

Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBT Parents to Foster and Adopt
Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBT Parents to Foster and Adopt
The largest Christian adoption agency is now calling on “Christians with diverse beliefs” as it aims to serve more children under a new inclusion policy.

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