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Saving the Life of a Shaken BabySubscriber Access Only
Byron and Susan Mondoks' adoption of their granddaughter, abused by her birth father, unearths the meaning of love in action.
Sorrow But No RegretsSubscriber Access Only
My life in the troubled, redemptive church.
See No EvilSubscriber Access Only
Christian TV may be a cultural ghetto, but living there has its advantages.
Q & A: John Piper on Racism, Reconciliation, and Theology after Trayvon Martin's DeathSubscriber Access Only
The Minnesota pastor addresses the foundation for responding to questions on race.
Art That Reveals Our Need for GraceSubscriber Access Only
Physically disabled photographers surprising work reveals to viewer their own limitations.
Cohabiting Couples on the RiseSubscriber Access Only
The cultural trend isn't going away anytime soon. How should the church respond?
An Apologetic for InkSubscriber Access Only
Why I got a second tattoo after the first one was a complete mess.
The Downside of Hooking UpSubscriber Access Only
The message of 'female sexual liberation' comes with a cost.
No Right to Rest for Weary AnglicansSubscriber Access Only
Why churches like St. James in Newport Beach still need support from worshipers who have left the battle.
Can Churches Separate Mental Illness and Shame?Subscriber Access Only
Rick Warren confronts one more "last taboo."
How Far Should Forgiveness Go?Subscriber Access Only
Seventy times seven? I can barely forgive some corrupt clergy once.
Does Religiosity Encourage Teen Pregnancy?Subscriber Access Only
An interview with Joseph Strayhorn, the co-author of "Religion and Teen Pregnancy Rates."
A Delicate HospitalitySubscriber Access Only
How Hispanic churches in Southern California negotiate the dilemmas of ministry with undocumented immigrants.
The Case for Male CircumcisionSubscriber Access Only
Why the arguments from sentiment and sexual pleasure don't cut it for me.
So, How Are Those Summer Reading Lists Coming?Subscriber Access Only
How to read the Bible in an age of anxiety; plus three book reviews from Christine A. Scheller.
Corrupt Clergy and ForgivenessSubscriber Access Only
Cases like last week's organ-brokering scandal in New Jersey leave no room for cheap grace.
Live Action, Planned Parenthood, and a Year of ChangeSubscriber Access Only
Surveying two months of dramatic news on the abortion front in the U.S.
Penny Pinching as a Christian Virtue?Subscriber Access Only
The spiritual dimensions of frugal living.
Embryonic Stem Cell Breakthrough To Revive Cloning DebateSubscriber Access Only
Human cells have been resistant to cloning—until now.
Nutrition for Nascent Human LifeSubscriber Access Only
I'm grateful that the government helped feed my child; I'm less okay with asking it to erase inequality among all citizens.

Top Story February 25, 2020

Black Theology Sings of Freedom
Black Theology Sings of Freedom
To be black and to be Christian is to remember the brutality of our experience and the brilliance of our resistance.

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