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Sorrow But No Regrets
My life in the troubled, redemptive church.
In the Valley of the Shadow of Suicide
A mother catches glimmers of hope after losing a son.
Preventing Suicide
Fast facts about risk factors, warning signs, and tips for saving lives.
Introverts for Jesus, Unite!
How to get along with the extroverts who populate the Western church.
The Untold Story of Donor-Conceived Children
The next reproductive-technology issue coming to a church near you.
How I Learned to Love a Show about Mormon Polygamy
Despite its troubling views on marriage and family, HBO's 'Big Love' always felt like an allegory for real people I know.
Missing the Rupture
How two groups address the real issues behind church splits
See No Evil
Christian TV may be a cultural ghetto, but living there has its advantages.
Connoisseur for Christ: Roberta Green Ahmanson
What inspires the art enthusiast to give millions away?
Q & A: John Piper on Racism, Reconciliation, and Theology after Trayvon Martin's Death
The Minnesota pastor addresses the foundation for responding to questions on race.
Obama: A Friend to Pro-Lifers?
The President's outlined goals for reducing abortions are ones I can support—as long as he sticks to them.
Dave Ramsey, Megan McArdle, and Jesus
'The Atlantic' blogger's new-found appreciation for the evangelical finance guru forgets his inspiration.
Art That Reveals Our Need for Grace
Physically disabled photographers surprising work reveals to viewer their own limitations.
Working Moms, On Screen and Behind the Camera
Documentarian Laura Waters Hinson creates films to reflect the ultimate narrative.
The Little School in the Living Room Grows Up
A homeschooling mom visits one of the largest conventions in the country and notes how this form of alternative education has changed—to the chagrin of traditionalists
How Far Should Forgiveness Go?
Seventy times seven? I can barely forgive some corrupt clergy once.
An Apologetic for Ink
Why I got a second tattoo after the first one was a complete mess.
The Downside of Hooking Up
The message of 'female sexual liberation' comes with a cost.
No Right to Rest for Weary Anglicans
Why churches like St. James in Newport Beach still need support from worshipers who have left the battle.
Can Churches Separate Mental Illness and Shame?
Rick Warren confronts one more "last taboo."

Top Story October 30, 2020

God’s Call on the Politically Ambivalent Christian
God’s Call on the Politically Ambivalent Christian
Don’t let partisan extremes and animosities prevent you from entering the arena for the sake of the common good.

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