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When Life Begins
Do laws defining personhood help the unborn?
Should Churches Try to Minimize Disruptions?
Observers weigh in on how churches should respond to children disrupting a worship service.
Should Churches Trademark their Names and Logos?
Observers weigh in.
Is the Lord's Prayer a Christian Prayer?
Observers weigh in as a judge considers the question.
Should Churches Stop Sponsoring Boy Scout Troops?
Experts weigh in on whether or not churches should disassociate with the youth organization over its gay-members policy.
Do You Follow the Liturgical Calendar?
Observers weigh in on why they do or don't follow the church year.
Has the Same-Sex Marriage Debate Helped Pro-Life Advocacy?
Observers weigh in.
Is Mercury Pollution's Effect on Newborns a Pro-Life Issue?
Observers weigh in.
Should the Supreme Court Rule that Memorial Crosses are Secular?
Church leaders and observers weigh in on a current debate.
Should Churches Incorporate?
Leaders weigh in on whether churches should form separate corporations to receive federal social-assistance funds.
Away With 'Away in the Manger'?
Should churches ban carols with questionable theology?
Should Congress Change Pastors' Housing Allowances?
The current tax code excludes the rental value of a home from pastors' taxable income.
Should Faith Healing be Legally Protected?
Observers weigh in on homicide charges for parents who choose faith healing rather than medical care for their children.
Should Pastors Be Guaranteed Job Security?
Observers weigh in.
Should Seminary Professors Be Granted Tenure?
The Kentucky Court of Appeals says it can't be enforced. Should schools use it anyway?
Does My Local Church Have Authority to Declare That I Am Not a Christian?
A new Lifeway survey found that 9 in 10 evangelicals say no. Here's how Christian leaders responded.
Should Marital Infidelity Disqualify a Candidate from Office?
Observers weigh in on questions related to the 2012 election.
Should High-Profile Converts Wait to Publicly Share Their Conversion?
Experts weigh in on controversy over Two and a Half Men star's conversion.

Top Story February 28, 2021

Introducing: Surprised by Grief
Introducing: Surprised by Grief
On our new podcast, Daniel Harrell and Clarissa Moll discuss how sudden loss shapes the grief experience and influences the spiritual lives of those left behind.

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