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New Life Overseers Never 'Addressed or Discussed' Homosexuality
Plus: Last-minute campaign efforts, the Episcopal Church's new female leader, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
Worship music engages the eyes, not just the ears and tongues.
Fire and Dating
Name that nonprofit, Mike Huckabee's biblical blunder, and stem-cells make an organ.
Which Came First: the Human Rights, or the Fertilized Egg?
An encyclopedic feud, sexing the seven deadly sins, and more.
Election News Quiz: We Know You're Sick of It
But have you really been paying attention? Find out if you really know the latest religious turns in the 2008 campaign.
News Quiz: Christmas Specials
Black Friday promotions at Planned Parenthood and the Creation Museum.
Here's an Idea
Time magazine writes about a new idea in religion, The Christian Science Monitor gives a dire prediction, and other questions from this week's news.
What the Pope Left Behind
Robert Schuller's doppelganger, Christian-run businesses you may not know, and more.
Obama's Grade School Not a Madrassa After All
Also: Super Bowl coaches brothers in Christ, churches oppose U.K. gay adoption law, the Burmese military aims to wipe out Christians, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Name That College Virginity Club
Also: What Tony Blair wants to do with his life, the final straw for Obama, and Iraqi Christians react to death penalty.
Eastern African Christianity
What country in the region has the most missionaries? Which leader doesn't say he's a Christian? And other questions about Eastern Africa.
Love and Cohabitation
Questions on American couples, why Messianic Jewish prisoners aren't served kosher, and more.
Humanists Hop on the Propaganda Bus
Also: Questions on psalm graffiti, journalists' religiosity, converts to Orthodoxy, and more.
News Quiz: Inaugural Ire
Why are people so mad at Obama? The United Nations decides about defamation, and scientists follow the star.
Images of Calvary
Contemporary Christian artists reflect on Good Friday.
The Magic Bible Verse
Also: Restrictions at the Christian Woodstock, why some Jamaicans don't welcome a creole translation of the Bible, and more.
For Better or For Worse with Prop. 8
Also: What rebels for Christ take to interviews, something disappears in Russia, and more.
Would You Like a Devotional Twitter with That?
What hot item is Saddleback Church handing out? And speaking of hot, what new churches are booming in Texas?
Burma's Christians
The country's displaced minorities maintain their distinctive faith.
The Candidates on Faith
The highest profile candidates in the 2008 Presidential race all profess to be Christians. And while some are more expressive than others, they've all weighed in on the role faith takes in public life. But who says what?

Top Story September 30, 2020

After the Allegations Against Ravi Zacharias
After the Allegations Against Ravi Zacharias
A look inside CT’s reporting and what it means for Christian witness and evangelism.

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