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Facing the SmilesSubscriber Access Only
Visiting Nigeria taught me as much about the despair in my own soul as it did the soul of this country.
Flouting Church LawSubscriber Access Only
Two gay controversies likely to dominate United Methodist General Conference this week.
Joyce Meyer Responds to Critics, Shifts Income SourceSubscriber Access Only
Amid cancellation and watchdog's call for IRS investigation, evangelist defends finances.
Thousands Mourn Death of 'India's Father'Subscriber Access Only
Evangelist Bakht Singh led a fruitful life of teaching and founding churches.
Radio: Broadcasters Resist Low-Power FM LicensesSubscriber Access Only
Broadcasters resist low-power FM licenses due to listening-quality concerns.
Lessons From Two Sides of AIDSSubscriber Access Only
An HIV-positive woman and a wealthy businessman are reminded of God's expansive love at a unique camp.
How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality Subscriber Access Only
Amid quickly changing cultural norms, we need a thoughtful and loving way to engage our children.
Sex Abuse: Witness Leaders Accused of Shielding MolestersSubscriber Access Only
Former and current Jehovah Witnesses question a policy they say discourages leaders from reporting abuse.
C.S. Lewis: Mere Marketing?Subscriber Access Only
Publisher, estate under fire for handling of C. S. Lewis's identity.
World Vision Staff MissingSubscriber Access Only
Thousands flee Angolan rebels on foot
Hostage Vigil: Families of Hostage Couple WaitSubscriber Access Only
Men's prayer group for Burnhams perseveres six days a week.
Option for Alienated Baptist MissionariesSubscriber Access Only
Texans to form 'flexible' alternative to the Southern Baptist Convention's IMB
Urban Evangelism: Baptists on the BlockSubscriber Access Only
Southern Baptists work and witness in Chicago street outreach.
Radio: The Never-Ending StorySubscriber Access Only
At 50, Unshackled! still transforms broken lives.
Inside Politics: Love the President, Hate the PolicySubscriber Access Only
At Willow Creek conference, President Clinton reviews his moral failures, details his spiritual recovery.
Bonnke Returns to Nigeria One Year After TragedySubscriber Access Only
Lagos crusade may become one of largest Christian gatherings ever recorded.
L'Abri Turns 50Subscriber Access Only
Francis Schaeffer's ministry is bigger than ever.
Why Are Our Children So Anxious?
Unpacking the reasons behind childhood and adolescent anxiety—and the hope we find in the gospel.
The Shari'ah ThreatSubscriber Access Only
Muslim Fundamentalist law troubles Christians and some Muslims
Persecuted Indonesian Christians EvacuatedSubscriber Access Only
"International Christian Concern and Christian Aid raising $1.2 million to rescue 7,000."

Top Story July 5, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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