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'Come and Receive Your Miracle'
German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's evangelistic crusades are setting attendance records, but career missionaries worry about discipleship.
Feds Limit Low-Power Radio Licenses
In Memoriam: Megachurch Pastor Jack Hyles Dead at 74
Fundamental Baptist congregation is one of country's largest
"Education: Reading, Writing, Reform"
"Vouchers dropped, but testing, tax credits remain in Bush education plan"
Looking for a Miracle
Six million Nigerians join Bonnke revival.
NAE President Resigns in Wake of Financial Woes
"In the process of change, you also create friction, says Kevin Mannoia"
'Get Our Kids Out'
Dobson says pro-gay school curriculum has gone too far.
Witnesses Accused of Failing to Report Abuse
Two sisters are suing Watchtower Bible and Tract Society over policy to keep suspicions of sexual crime within the church
Robbery or Vendetta?
Mysterious murders cause rift between Copts and Muslims in U.S.
Church of God in Christ: COGIC Presiding Bishop Ousted
Alleged abuse of power leads to historic vote for Church of God in Christ
Babywise Controversy: Babywise Almost Dropped
Author Ezzo nearly loses book contract in ongoing dispute
"World Vision Locates Missing Staff, Assesses Damage in Angola"
Two workers seriously injured
Faith-based Child Abuse?
Shamblin defends Atlanta couple charged with murder.
Sunday School: What Would Andy Do?
Fictional Mayberry is setting for hit Bible study.
Sex Abuse: Witness Leaders Accused of Shielding Molesters
Former and current Jehovah Witnesses question a policy they say discourages leaders from reporting abuse.
C.S. Lewis: Mere Marketing?
Publisher, estate under fire for handling of C. S. Lewis's identity.
World Vision Staff Missing
Thousands flee Angolan rebels on foot
Hostage Vigil: Families of Hostage Couple Wait
Men's prayer group for Burnhams perseveres six days a week.
Option for Alienated Baptist Missionaries
Texans to form 'flexible' alternative to the Southern Baptist Convention's IMB

Top Story September 19, 2020

God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
How to sort out the many disparities between the genealogies of Matthew and Luke.

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