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Forget What Your Mom or Teacher Says—You Aren't So Special After AllSubscriber Access Only
And why this is very good news.
A Parenting Manual for Bad KidsSubscriber Access Only
Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson's Give Them Grace proceeds from the belief that all children - and parents - need the gospel more than they need how-to tips.
How to Deal with Insensitive ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Why saying "thank you" instead of "how dare you" is a gospel witness.
The Quest for a Bigger, Better, Cuter PregnancySubscriber Access Only
In an age of gender reveal cakes and ultrasound parties, it's not enough to just be pregnant anymore.
Does God Wish Adam Lanza Had Never Been Born?Subscriber Access Only
After his father’s recent remarks, Christians are challenged to remember the value of every life.
Life Begins Before the WombSubscriber Access Only
Amid IVF dilemmas and frozen embryos, we have new chances to affirm a pro-life ethic.
Grace for the Not-Quite-Happy HomemakerSubscriber Access Only
Gloria Furman’s call to find joy at home, through the gospel.
The Case for SiblingsSubscriber Access Only
In an only-child boom, reconsidering the lifelong value of brothers and sisters.
Why Do We Keep Saying Boys Are Easier?Subscriber Access Only
The unfair, unbiblical double standard that’s hurting our daughters.
Love Thy Roommate As ThyselfSubscriber Access Only
New living patterns teach 20-somethings valuable lessons about relationships.
Our Wedding Vows Are Always Covenantal. Why Aren't Our Marriages?Subscriber Access Only
Matt Chandler wants the church to reject fuzzy notions of love.
Why Some Pregnant Moms Don’t Wait to AnnounceSubscriber Access Only
Greater openness around miscarriage has us rethinking first trimester etiquette.
Don’t Force the Celebration at FuneralsSubscriber Access Only
Even knowing the truth of the resurrection, it’s still okay to cry.
Sugar Daddies and Abba FatherSubscriber Access Only
An echo of the sugar daddy/sugar baby phenomenon may be coming to a church near you.
A Higher Calling to ProtectSubscriber Access Only
Christians' deeper considerations of women in combat.
The Pressure to Pretend We're Not Under PressureSubscriber Access Only
Do-it-all women are supposed to make it look easy, but it’s not.
Why It’s a Good Time to Be a Christian WomanSubscriber Access Only
New opportunities affirm the unique giftedness we’ve always had.
Above All Earthly MetaphorsSubscriber Access Only
No one image captures all of God. That’s why the Bible uses so many.
New Parents: Your Sex Lives Are Going to ChangeSubscriber Access Only
How healthier expectations for marriage might keep us away from Ashley Madison.
Don’t Call Me the Best Mom EverSubscriber Access Only
Why it's time for Mother's Day to retreat from the extremes.

Top Story May 29, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

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