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Seven Years in the Making, Draft ELCA Statement on Sexuality Punts
"This church does not have consensus," committee says.
Have Democrats Lost Faith in Faith-Based Outreach?
National Debt Becomes Hot Issue for Evangelicals
Episcopal Bishops in Pa. Suspended, Warned
Philadelphia's liberal bishop accused of protecting abuser; Pittsburgh's conservative bishop warned against abandonment as diocese changes constitution.
Methodists Vote To Retain Policies on Homosexuality
But some international delegates oppose denomination's anti-homophobia push.
Philanthropist Sir John Templeton Dies at 95
Presbyterian investor promoted the scientific study of faith.
Catholic Bishops Debate Pro-Life Statement 'With a Punch'
Some say earlier statement on politics has been misused.
Obama's Spiritual Cabinet
The President looks to seven men and women to shape policy, tend his soul.
Are 22% of Pastors Really Undecided Voters?
Why nearly 1 of 4 say they don't know how they'll vote when only 4% of Americans overall say so.
Virginia judge sides with breakaway Episcopal churches
Decision confirms April ruling in favor of Falls Church et al., saying the 1867 law that would allow them to retain property is constitutional.
Supreme Court Limits Prisoners' Right to Sue
Some Evangelicals Line Up Behind Rick Perry
Rift Opens Among Evangelicals on AIDS Funding
Dobson targets Global Fund, which helps Salvation Army, Youth for Christ, and World Vision.
Christmas Wars Prove Lucrative Fundraising Opportunity for Advocacy Groups
AFA says buttons and magnets are selling so well, it plans to expand its campaign to Easter.
Denominations Join Episcopalian Diocese in Fight Over Church Property
Judge says Methodists, Worldwide Church of God, and others can participate in oral arguments.
Obama Uses Sermon on the Mount to Elevate Speeches
The president has used the mountainside sermon several times in recent years to explain policy.
Q & A: Francis Collins
The former director of the Human Genome Project hopes to show compatibility between Christianity and science.
After Romney Meeting, Billy Graham Site Scrubs Mormon 'Cult' Reference
BGEA says it wants to stay out of politicized theological debate.
After Bishop Is Accused of Abandoning the Episcopal Church, Diocese Really Does
South Carolina has been fighting with the national body for years.
New Presbyterian Body Aims for Orthodoxy with Less Bureaucracy
(UPDATED) Stats show five times as many churches left the PC(USA) in 2012 as in 2011.

Top Story October 21, 2020

Turks and Armenians Reconcile in Christ. Are Azeris Next?
Turks and Armenians Reconcile in Christ. Can Azeris Join Them?
Confessing the genocide, Turkish evangelicals seek forgiveness on behalf of their nation. With ongoing war in Nagorno-Karabakh, is there a path forward also with Azerbaijan’s believers?

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