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What's Ahead for the Fractured Episcopal Church?
The new Anglican branch will face several significant hurdles.
Obama Meets with Cardinal in Oval Office
D.C. Pastor Derrick Harkins to Lead Democrats' Faith Outreach
Senate Rejects Conscience Clause Change to Contraception Rule
The Republican-led bill would have inserted a broad religious exemption.
Faith Groups Turn Out the Vote for Both Candidates
Focus on the Family and Redeem the Vote focus on young evangelicals.
Virginia Judge Sides with Breakaway Episcopal Churches
Decision confirms April ruling in favor of Falls Church et al., saying the 1867 law that would allow them to retain property is constitutional.
Methodists Uphold Policy that Calls Homosexuality ‘Incompatible with Christian Teaching’
Delegates left key votes on gay clergy and same-sex marriage to Friday
Gay Bishop, Woman Added to Obama's Inaugural Prayers
Seven Years in the Making, Draft ELCA Statement on Sexuality Punts
"This church does not have consensus," committee says.
Have Democrats Lost Faith in Faith-Based Outreach?
National Debt Becomes Hot Issue for Evangelicals
Episcopalians Elect Female Nevada Bishop as Top Leader
Conservatives see election as confirmation of church's 'revisionist theology,' while one diocese appeals for alternative oversight.
Supreme Court Hears 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Case
Christian legal groups file briefs supporting student's banner.
Repressing Religion
State Department blasts China on religious freedom.
First Things Founder Richard John Neuhaus Dies at 72
The Catholic theologian also co-founded Evangelicals and Catholics Together.
Saguaro Seminar Stays with Obama
Obama continually builds relationships, ideas and skills found from a Harvard seminar on social capital.
Is Skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee Sacrilegious?
A nude congressman reportedly took a dip in Israel's biblical site.
'Jesus Said to Them, "My Wife..."'
Manuscript fragment apparently from the 300s suggests debate over whether Jesus was married.
Focus on the Family Pulls Interview over Beck's Mormon Faith
A group had criticized the organization for not mentioning the television host's faith in the interview.
Rabbi Under Fire for Attending Inaugural Prayer Service

Top Story January 26, 2021

Prayers and Praises from the World’s Hardest Places to Be a Christian
Prayers and Praises from the World’s Hardest Places to Be a Christian
The struggles and joys experienced by believers in 11 nations on Open Doors’ Christian persecution watchlist.

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