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Song of the Secularist
Jacques Berlinerblau offers a soaring paean to freedom from religion, but the American people don't seem to be singing along.
An Ugly Phoenix Reborn
European anti-Semitism is more widespread than has been let on.
A Dangerous Confession
Throwing Rocks at Israel
Ex-President Carter's new book is both misleading and dangerous.
Train Wreck Coming
Why homosexual marriage threatens free expression of religion.
Garlic, Dracula, and Al Qaeda
Civilization itself is the target of extremist Muslims.
My Top 5 Books on China
Washington Scorecard
'A More Practical Approach'
A fledgling group in China tries a 'new' strategy to secure human rights.
Atheist Apostle
Sam Harris has little patience for theists of any sort.
China's Anti-Christian Edict
Politburo campaign puts house-church leaders at greater risk.
A Precarious Calm
A year after the July 2006 war, Lebanon's Christians face a murky future.
Suffocating the Faithful
Will the last Mideast church leader be sure to turn off the lights?
Compassionate Bedfellow
Ten years ago, a Jewish leader shamed Christians into caring.
Attack Dogs of Christendom
Is this how to bring grace and savor to a crumbling civilization?
Puncturing Atheism
Fourfold God Squad brilliantly takes on Dawkins, Hitchens, & Co.
Profiling Christians Who Have Suffered Under Chinese Communism
A non-Christian reporter profiles martyrs of the Middle Kingdom. A review of 'God Is Red.'
How Billy Graham Killed Communism with Kindness
Graham preached behind the Iron Curtain, driving his critics crazy.

Top Story October 22, 2020

Christians Invented Health Insurance. Can They Make Something Better?
Christians Invented Health Insurance. Can They Make Something Better?
How to heal a medical system that abandons the vulnerable.

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