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Mission-Minded Latinos No Longer Staying HomeSubscriber Access Only
Cote D'Ivoire: Missionaries flee violenceSubscriber Access Only
Muslim rebel attacks force school closures
Muslim Separatists Sign Peace AccordSubscriber Access Only
Risking Life for PeaceSubscriber Access Only
Caught between rebels, paramilitaries, and crop-dusters, peacemaking Christians put their lives on the line in violent Colombia
Peru's Christians Oppose Presidential Vow to End PardonsSubscriber Access Only
More than 300 unjustly accused of terrorist involvement will remain in jail, say critics
Columbia: terrorist kill two more evangelical pastors.Subscriber Access Only
Two church leaders ambushed in August
Chile: Leveling the Playing FieldSubscriber Access Only
A new law puts Protestants on equal footing with Roman Catholics.
Starting Another ServiceSubscriber Access Only
Weighing the benefits and challenges of adding another service.
Rebels Force Churches to Close in ColombiaSubscriber Access Only
Christians accused of political involvement in May 26 elections
MegashiftsSubscriber Access Only
O Youth Pastor, Where Art Thou?Subscriber Access Only
Youth pastors lead the bulk of short-term mission teams, yet they seem uninterested in mission training. How can leaders in the STM community help?
Colombia's Bleeding ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Despite the murders of 120 church leaders, Christians are fighting for peace in one of the world's most violent nations.
Divorcing a DictatorSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals assess the bitter lessons of the Fujimori years
Christians to Help Investigate CrimesSubscriber Access Only
Religious leaders join the Peruvian government in investigating unsolved crimes
Who Prays for Bill Ford?Subscriber Access Only
We pray for politicians, but what about our business leaders?

Top Story June 3, 2020

Navajo Evangelical Leader Hears Her Homeland ‘Crying Out’
Tears on Red Soil: Navajo Evangelical Leader Hears Her Homeland ‘Crying Out’
World Renew’s Carol Bremer-Bennett rallies coronavirus relief to the close-knit, under-resourced reservation.

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