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Rome Says ’We’re Sorry’
Outsiders No More
How conservative Christians scrapped, wheedled, and bargained for their place at the table.
Mourning the Morning-After Pill
Let Mary Be
Why the pope shouldn't give Mary that which belongs to herSon.
Going to the Prayer Mat for Jesus
Brazil: Scholars Debate Mission Methods
Scholars fault Western approaches to evangelism, advocate a new vision for spreading the gospel.
Bush Tells America to Give Thanks
Plus: City Journal attacks moral lethargists, New York gets a Dead Sea Scroll, and other stories from around the world.
A Real Survivor
Behind Virginia Stem Owens' interview with death-row chaplain Jim Brazzil.
Straight Outta Dharamsala
Behind James A. Beverley's report on the Dalai Lama
Darrell Block: ’Public-Square’ Societies Keep Us Honest
"An interview with Darrell Bock, author of Purpose-Directed Theology"
Converting ‘Amazing Grace’
The story behind America's most beloved song shows the God-centered vision with which it was written
Life After Life After Death
"The Resurrection of the Son of God" is a ground-clearing exercise of historiographical obstacles.
Making Columns
A behind-the-scenes look at Charles Colson's writing
Nearly Perfect
"Longtime Christianity Today editor Carol Thiessen was firm but not fierce, steadfast but not stodgy"
The Erosion Continues
Joshua Hammer talks about the implications of Christians' Holy Land exodus
Dispatch from Atlanta: What Fireworks?
Anxieties and attack turn to grace and truth as the Evangelical Theological Society votes on Open Theism proponents' membership
'Normalizing' Jewish Believers
How should Christianity's Jewish heritage change how Gentiles relate to their faith?
Separation of Powers
Just as the American government practices separation of powers, journalistic publications generally try to separate business and editorial functions.
The Future of Missions?
A global gathering affirms new models while developing countries criticize North American approaches.
Politics and the Observant Jew
Joseph Lieberman's Torah observance could renew America's moral debate.

Top Story September 18, 2020

This Election, Evangelical Supporters Have More Faith in Trump
This Election, Evangelical Supporters Have More Faith in Trump
The campaign emphasizes another side of the president at “prayer, praise, and patriotism” rallies.

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