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The Joy of Policy ManualsSubscriber Access Only
There's more to workplace justice than good intentions.
How Immortality Almost Killed MeSubscriber Access Only
My quest for immortality and lasting significance reflects the fact that God has put eternity in the human heart.
The Speck in Mickey’s EyeSubscriber Access Only
We live in a wildly pluralistic society.
The Joy of Policy ManualsSubscriber Access Only
There's more to workplace justice than good intentions.
What's Right About PatriotismSubscriber Access Only
The nation is not our highest love, but it still deserves our affection.
We Risk Not Just Suffering, But AnnihilationSubscriber Access Only
An open letter to Dr. Martin Accad.
Our Teachable MomentSubscriber Access Only
The Iraq war calls for some serious rethinking by Christians.
More Free, At LeastSubscriber Access Only
Racial Reconciliation is making some unexpected demands on me.
How biblical is it to be pro-life and support the death penalty?Subscriber Access Only
Honoring Life
Where Do We Go From Here?Subscriber Access Only
"Now that the bombs are falling, we'll need to repair Iraq—and our nation's moral standing"
Jesus and the Sinner’s PrayerSubscriber Access Only
What Jesus says doesn’t match what we usually say.
The Struggle to LoveSubscriber Access Only
"If the Holy Spirit is in us, why can't we love one another?"
ARTICLE: Why They Helped the JewsSubscriber Access Only
What we can learn from the Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust.
A Crumbling InstitutionSubscriber Access Only
How social revolutions cracked the pillars of marriage.
Three Views: Is the $17 Trillion Federal Debt Immoral?Subscriber Access Only
When a country borrows this much in excess, it risks spiritual bankruptcy.
The Middle East's Death Wish—and OursSubscriber Access Only
We say "everyone wants peace," but we also want to see our enemies destroyed.
A Matter of Life and DeathSubscriber Access Only
Why shouldn't we use our embryos and genes to make our lives better? The world awaits a Christian answer
5 Reasons Torture Is Always WrongSubscriber Access Only
And why there should be no exceptions.
Killing with KindnessSubscriber Access Only
Why is the church against euthanasia in instances where people are in terrible pain?
Bill's Big Career MoveSubscriber Access Only
How do we make important family decisions?
Pastors Need Friends Born for Adversity
Pastors Need Friends Born for Adversity
When beloved congregants turned on me, who could I trust for advice?
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