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Conan the BarbarianSubscriber Access Only
A ridiculous remake marking the return of the B movie, while glorifying violence and degrading women.
The GreySubscriber Access Only
A chilling adventure that builds to a compelling climax of faith vs. faithlessness.
Zero Dark ThirtySubscriber Access Only
A thriller about the hunt for Osama bin Laden captures the conflicted, complex moral issues of the operation.
RiddickSubscriber Access Only
A tainted, sinister universe void of justice and morality.
'Moonlight' Is a Flawed, But Rewarding Exercise in Christian EmpathySubscriber Access Only
The Oscar favorite's portrayal of black, gay experience is at odds with a biblical sexual ethic—but for some, it might be worth the discomfort.
My Top 5 Movies on the HolocaustSubscriber Access Only
The Next Three DaysSubscriber Access Only
Despite an entertaining finale, Paul Haggis' latest asks us to leave logic and morals at the door.
WarriorSubscriber Access Only
This story of forgiveness and redemption wins us over with its big heart and strong performances.
Albert NobbsSubscriber Access Only
A powerful character study that transcends its trivial subject matter for deeper truth.
The Incredible Burt WonderstoneSubscriber Access Only
'The Incredible Burt Wunderstone' and 'The Croods' show that this is an awkward season for movies—and that says something about us.
HugoSubscriber Access Only
Martin Scorsese's latest tells of the power and wonder of film through one boy's redemption.
Jonah HexSubscriber Access Only
Overly violent and unaccomplished on all fronts, this disaster may end up being one of the worst films of the year.
The Adventures of TintinSubscriber Access Only
This Indiana Jones knock-off adventure has astonishing visual effects but little humanity.
ZookeeperSubscriber Access Only
Though silly and disposable, the film's heart and physical comedy make it relatively satisfying.
Moonrise KingdomSubscriber Access Only
Quintessential Wes Anderson film takes on salvation and community.
Life of PiSubscriber Access Only
Director Ang Lee creates a big, beautiful, and very spiritual film. But the spirituality is all over the map.
The Five-Year EngagementSubscriber Access Only
A funny and moralistic romantic comedy that almost gets marriage right.
UnknownSubscriber Access Only
The deeper implications are void because this thriller lacks thrills.
Rise of the Planet of the ApesSubscriber Access Only
A laughable prequel with shoddy visuals and a lackluster plot.
You AgainSubscriber Access Only
Though its heart is in the right place, this banal comedy wastes its talented cast.
Sorry, James and David: Silas and Obadiah Are Today’s Trending Bible Names.
Sorry, James and David: Silas and Obadiah Are Today’s Trending Bible Names.
Weird biblical names are on the rise. What’s behind the trend?
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