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Urban Exile: Will Compassion Survive This Season?Subscriber Access Only
This Christmas the failing economy will test our commitment to serve the poor.
Chick-Fil-A, Boycotts, & the Power of BrandsSubscriber Access Only
How a chicken sandwich came to symbolize so much more, and why it's a problem.
Book Review: "Clouds of Witnesses"Subscriber Access Only
Biographies of Asian and African Christians give valuable perspective.
Segregated Churches and Immigration Subscriber Access Only
The immigration debate is an opportunity we can't afford to waste.
Multi-Ethnic Church Conference: Day OneSubscriber Access Only
Only 1 in 7 congregations is multi-ethnic, and churches are 10 times more segregated than their neighborhoods. Is this a problem?
Christian Saints vs. Cultural CelebritiesSubscriber Access Only
The deaths of Steve Jobs and Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth reveal the church's captivity to cultural values.
Multi-Ethnic Church Conference: Recap & ReflectionsSubscriber Access Only
Where do we go from here?
Interview with a Street PreacherSubscriber Access Only
Should you leave your sanctuary to preach on the sidewalk?
Afflicting the ComfortableSubscriber Access Only
How a few movies at the Sundance Film Festival opened a book lover's eyes to the transforming power of stories on the silver screen.
Down with the Homogeneous Unit Principle?Subscriber Access Only
Can we call our church model "biblical" if we're not reaching out to everyone?
Ir a donde la gente está sufriendo
Noel Castellanos reflexiona sobre una carrera ministrando a los marginados.
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Building a Culture of DiscipleshipSubscriber Access Only
Help make your congregation a place that nurtures discipleship by using the assessments, studies, and how-to articles in this download.
Chick-Fil-A, Boycotts, & the Power of Brands (Part 2)Subscriber Access Only
Becoming a Church that confronts, rather than embraces, brand identities.
Glenn Beck is Not the EnemySubscriber Access Only
The church has a significant image problem and denouncing Beck won't solve it.
Urban Exile: Following Jesus in the Face of FearSubscriber Access Only
Former suburbanite David Swanson reflects on ministry in the big city.
Angry Preachers or Gospel Musicians? Subscriber Access Only
What types of witnesses are our churches forming?
Trayvon, Dr. Land, & the "Myth" of RacismSubscriber Access Only
Richard Land "overestimates" the church's progress on race relations.
Grieving with CharlestonSubscriber Access Only
What five pastors will be telling their congregations about the massacre at Emanuel Church.
Back to Square OneSubscriber Access Only
A review of Re:Jesus by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch
Your Church Needs Boomers
Your Church Needs Boomers
How a hyper-focus on “attracting the young” can sideline the aging faithful.
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