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313 The Edict of Milan
The agreement shifted Christianity from being an illicit, persecuted sect to being a welcome—and soon dominant—religion of the Roman Empire.
Book Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
To show how greatly God has changed him, Augustine tells all. What a fifth-century critic might have said.
When Church Gets Sidelined by Youth Sports
Pastors need a game plan for discipling over-committed families.
Constantine's Famous Emblem
The chi-rho symbol he adopted is now displayed in churches throughout the world.
"Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Poetry, Prayer, and Parable"
The playful provocations of Scott Cairns
Amillennialism: Millennium Today
Augustine changed his mind—and that of the church in the West for the Next 1,500 years.
Urgent Care: Divorce
Equip your leaders to minister to those for whom divorce is inevitable or has already occurred.
The Science of Sinning Less
What new research reveals about self-control and willpower.
Book Briefs: October 22, 1965
The Life Changing "Life of Antony"
Athanasius's biography was not only a bestseller in its day, but a book that made people stop and think—and act.
Controversial Constantine
The famous emperor ended the persecution of Christians. But was he a true believer, or merely a superstitious political opportunist?
Early Glimpses
Historical documents describing Christians at worship
Remembering J.D. Douglas
One of the most highly regarded Christian journalists and editors of the late 20th century has gone home
John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: Christian History Interview - Prophet Without Honor?
Why many are tempted to disown Knox, and why we shouldn't.
Mixing Jesus into Populist Politics
What place do Christians have in the tea party movement?

Top Story November 24, 2020

Is The Coronavirus Evidence of a Creation in Freefall?
Is The Coronavirus Evidence of a Creation in Freefall?
How does theology explain a pandemic? Basic biology, human sin, or the Devil?

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