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Hostage Pastor Released Unharmed In ColombiaSubscriber Access Only
Wife pledges to stay in Colombia because the kidnappers cannot stop the Lord's work
Racing with JesusSubscriber Access Only
Ministry on the NASCAR tracks.
Cómo los cristianos en Gaza ven el conflicto Hamas-Israelí
El pastor bautista Hanna Massad habla abiertamente sobre lo que ve que está pasando mientras ayuda a proteger a los cristianos y a otros en Gaza durante el conflicto actual.
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Lessons from a Hostage Pastor in ColombiaSubscriber Access Only
A young minister works to prevent guerrilla kidnappings.
Clipped WingsSubscriber Access Only
"Shot down in 2001, missionary Jim Bowers moves on"
Fate of Kidnapped Colombian Pastor Still UnknownSubscriber Access Only
"FARC suspected, but so far there has been no word from Montealegre's abductors."
Mexico: A Peacemaker in PowerSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical governor sparks fresh hopes for lasting peace in troubled Chiapas
Imprisoned Peruvian Army Colonel Denied ParoleSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical convicted of drug trafficking continues fight for justice as hope fades.
Nicaragua: New Evangelical Party Gains Political PowerSubscriber Access Only
New Tribes Missionaries Kidnapped in 1993 Declared DeadSubscriber Access Only
Mission concludes Colombian guerrillas shot the three men in 1996
State's Religious Ed Questioned in NicaraguaSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals are leery of religious education proposal.
Do Churches Send Wrong People?Subscriber Access Only
Colombia: Death Threats DeniedSubscriber Access Only
Guerrilla group reassures church leaders of their safety
Hope for the Living DeadSubscriber Access Only
Without corrective surgery, women with fistula injuries become outcasts.
Venezuela to Expel New Tribes MissionSubscriber Access Only
After additional Robertson comments, President Chavez accuses "imperialist" mission agency of working for CIA.
Saving FacesSubscriber Access Only
Mercy Ships surgeons perform medical miracles daily in remote ports of call.
Public Education: Pregame Prayer BarredSubscriber Access Only
After pregame prayer is barred, educators say they do not need a microphone to pray.
Mexico: Words Against WeaponsSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals, Catholics dialogue to help bring peace to violent Chiapas.
Free the DoctorsSubscriber Access Only
Agency pays school debts of medical missionaries
Flying Unfriendly SkiesSubscriber Access Only
"Recent tragedy highlights courage, risks of mission aviators"
The Most Diverse Movement in History
The Most Diverse Movement in History
Christianity has been a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic movement since its inception.
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