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Baptist School Taps Catholic
Film Tries to Bridge Chasm Between Jews, Evangelicals
A new documentary explores each group's concept of prayer, the Bible, and the Messiah.
Peru's Supreme Court Rules Against de Vinate
Inter-American human rights court may be the evangelical's last hope.
Colombian Evangelical Lawyers Survive Murder Attempt
Attack Thwarts Plans to Form a National Christian Legal Society.
How Free Are We?
One year later, Christian leaders examine the International Religious Freedom Act.
Nicaragua: Sowing Seed, Growing Churches
Central American farmers gather more than one harvest.
Georgia: Can Jimmy Carter Say 'Farewell'?
Fragile Accord
History, resentment, and ethnic tension imperil long-term peace in Sudan.
Rita's Punch Strains Gulf Churches
Following Katrina, relief efforts overwhelmed by second flood of evacuees.
Tongues Tied
Southern Baptists bar new missions candidates from glossolalia.
Indonesia's Death Quota
Advocates question motive for executing Christians.
Asking Why
Christian fellowship helps survivors of the Virginia Tech shootings deal with larger issues.
Vineyard: Costa Rican Coffee Finances Urban Outreach
A Costa Rican church underwrites an urban outreach effort with premium coffee sales.
Evangelism: Prison Alpha Debuts in Texas
Hostage Pastor Released Unharmed In Colombia
Wife pledges to stay in Colombia because the kidnappers cannot stop the Lord's work
Nigeria: Teens 'Rescued' from Muslim Marriages
Missionary aviators say their risky work at times puts them in mortal danger
Clipped Wings
"Shot down in 2001, missionary Jim Bowers moves on"
Another Prominent Pastor Kidnapped in Colombia
Family believes kidnapping is God's will so that Montealegre can witness to his abductors.
From Rape to Rebuilding
Women persevere in the Congo despite daunting obstacles.
The Truth Is Somewhere
Legacy of Guatemala's evangelical deposed dictator remains unsettled.

Top Story February 28, 2021

Introducing: Surprised by Grief
Introducing: Surprised by Grief
On our new podcast, Daniel Harrell and Clarissa Moll discuss how sudden loss shapes the grief experience and influences the spiritual lives of those left behind.

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