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Lost in the Mystical Myths
The Current Fascination with Spirituality Reflects the Ethos of Our Time rather than the Bible or Church Tradition
Betraying the Reformation?
Two responses to R. C. Sproul's critical assessment of the ecumenical document "Evangelicals and Catholics Together."
What Think Ye of Christ? A Test
The Meaning of Conversion
BOOKS: Hymns for the Politically Correct
Hallelujah to the All-inclusive One.
BOOKS: A Jesus for Everyone, a Christ for None
Kung's one, true (but less than Christian) religion.
Whatever Became of Neo-Orthodoxy?
Burying the Gospel: First of Two Parts
Whatever Happened to God?
Too much worship is convivial rather than adoring
What’s Wrong with the Liturgical Movement?
Burying the Gospel: Second of Two Parts

Top Story October 29, 2020

Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
How inner transformation shapes outward proclamation.

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