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Ecumenism: Back to the Drawing Board for Ecumenism?
Some clergy resist Lutheran-Episcopal concordat.
Bibles: Hands Off My NIV!
Bible society cancels plans for 'gender-accurate' Bible after public outcry.
Higher Education: Crumbling Family Values
Hillsdale College confronts a sexual scandal, suicide, and leader's resignation.
Semi-Amazing Grace
Jay Bakker (yes, Jim and Tammy Faye's son) describes his continuing recovery from church-inflicted wounds.
A Reluctant Hero
A PBS Film subtly depicts a catholic priest's persistant urban ministry
Babylon upon a Hill?
Religious thinkers debate how America should use its unrivaled influence
‘I Didn't Want to Be Cute’
Author Eugene Peterson describes what drove his writing of The Message.
Dispatch: Bishops Sanction Local Same-Sex Blessings
"Having confirmed gay bishop, Episcopal leaders turn to discussing same-sex unions"
Conservative Episcopalians Challenge Church Politics as Usual
"A Place to Stand conference combines unofficial convention, pep rally, and communiqué to Anglican leaders"
Network for the Alienated
Episcopal conservatives seek to reclaim wayward church.
Second-Best Kid Lit Ever
John Granger considers the Potter series the best thing since The Chronicles of Narnia.
Out of Africa
The leader of nearly 18 million Nigerian Anglicans challenges the West's theology and control.
Therapeutically Incorrect
Atheist psychiatrist argues that gays can change.
Gays in the Church Debated
Conservatives press Episcopal convention to repent of gay bishop's consecration.
Entertainment: MPAA: Alphabet Soup
Nathanson Baptized into Catholicism
Silent Scream's Nathanson Baptized
Bible Translators Deny Gender Agenda
Focus on the Family yanks children's Bible; NIV translator loses seminary job.
Dwelling in Unity?
Lutherans, Episcopalians aspire to full communion, but differences remain over role of bishops.
Neopagan Pity Party
A cable-TV film treats the Arthurian legend as a canvas for goddess worshipers
The Heroism of Caregivers
PBS's sober documentary examines how families cope when loved ones can no longer care for themselves

Top Story January 21, 2021

Two Pastors Join SBC President Race
Two Pastors Join SBC President Race
One is known for his involvement in racial reconciliation efforts, and the other is a founding member of the anti-“woke” Conservative Baptist Network.

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