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Bountiful Believers in the Bayou
A young seminarian's documentary on suffering Brian McLaren's vision for postmodern evangelism
A young director's documentary is thin on theology but rich with compassion
Tribulation Force
Tribulation Force will satisfy those who feel the movies are meant to explicitly preach the gospel
Little Secrets
Little Secrets avoids theological lectures but delivers an engaging story
Gay Bishop Consecrated Despite ObjectionsSubscriber Access Only
"Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold, head of the Episcopal Church USA, led the service"
Moratorium Mess
U.S. Anglican leaders evade request.
'Tithing' by Douglas LeBlanc
For John and Sylvia Ronsvalle, tithing is not only a matter of obeying God.
The List: PodWatchSubscriber Access Only
The favorite professionally produced religion podcasts of contributing editor Douglas LeBlanc, who is also a contributing editor to
Popular Culture: The Film Dogma Is Anti-Dogma
After the furor, Kevin Smith's film seems flawed but oddly touching
Episcopal Church: Bishop to Be Punished 19 Years After Affair
Episcopal Church court may decide fate of Montana's Charles Jones next week.
Gospel View from China
He Qi first saw Jesus' face in an old magazine. Now he paints his own images of the biblical story
Dispatch: The Bitter Harvest of Sexual IdeologySubscriber Access Only
No one wanted the Gene Robinson bishopric debate to take this sad turn
Dispatch: Gay Rites Would Not Bless EcumenismSubscriber Access Only
Could also impair Anglican work overseas
Too Wild at Heart?
Some evangelicals believe Eldredge is making God in his image.
John Eldredge thinks too many Christians are weak, and churches are often insipid-and he's not going to take it anymore
Apologetics Journal Criticizes Jakes
Christian Research Institute publication questions preacher's view of Trinity
Pay It Forward
'Pay It Forward' does not invoke Jesus' teaching, but the spirit of selflessness is unmistakable.
Left Behind
Believers dream again of a breakthrough film. Left Behind is not it.
An Anglican Rorschach Test
Conservatives and liberals fide hope in statement
Apathetic Agnostic
David Horowitz on life without God.

Top Story April 5, 2020

When I Was a Health Risk to Society
When I Was a Health Risk to Society
My radioactive body brought me shame. But I learned how to bring my fears to the Cross.

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