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Love Thy Extraterrestrial Neighbor
The burgeoning field of astrobiology and what it tells us about the meaning of life.
What Christians Miss When They Dismiss Imagination
Understanding God and our world needs more than bare reason and experience.
The Exoplanets Declare the Glory of GodSubscriber Access Only
TRAPPIST-1 is not our new home. The Creator declared it good anyway.
Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?Subscriber Access Only
What space exploration tells us about human curiosity, from Eden to Mars.
Your Brain Is Not a Computer
Why being human means we must be embodied.
Sleeping WillowsSubscriber Access Only
How a big God works through small days.
Does ‘The Image of God’ Extend to Robots, Too?Subscriber Access Only
On-screen depictions of artificial intelligence like 'Westworld' complicate our understanding of the imago Dei.
Questioning Why God QuestionsSubscriber Access Only
If He wants to have meaningful relationship with us, it will require dialogue.
You Have Searched Me, Oh Apple Face ID, and You Know Me
AI may be familiar with all our ways, but God created our face for much more.
Preparing to Witness an Act of God
Science can explain why Hurricane Florence is threatening my home. But it can’t interpret it.
Two Towns’ Eureka MomentsSubscriber Access Only
How a fishing village and an old lumber station are revealing mysteries about the galaxy and ancient Jewish worship.
From Marijuana to Magic Mushrooms: Weighing Drugs’ Benefits and Detriments
Neuroscientist William Struthers encourages wisdom as a flurry of drugs move from taboo to enrichment.
In Defense of Virtual ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Douglas Estes, author of SimChurch, responds to critics of online churches.
Moonshot: What Barth, Tillich, and Tozer Thought of the Space Age
CT’s 1958 interview provides some bearing on today's missions to the sun, Mars and beyond.
Is America’s Great Eclipse a Sign from God?
A reminder of humanity’s small part in God’s universe
Our Blood Exposes Our Physical—and Spiritual—Health Subscriber Access Only
When we are sick and need to know what can make us whole again, there is no other fount we know.

Top Story August 14, 2020

Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Here are a few lines to pray before swiping left or right.

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