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Sydney's Archbishop Overrules Decision to Allow Lay PresidencySubscriber Access Only
Two Major Philippine Churches Sign Agreement for Closer LinksSubscriber Access Only
Reformed and Catholic-influenced denominations working toward full union
Help Us Develop Our Souls Mandela Tells World Religious LeadersSubscriber Access Only
Former South Africa president awarded by Parliament of the World's Religions
Albania's Journey from Atheism to Model of Religious GrowthSubscriber Access Only
Orthodox Archbishop credited with growing and strengthening the church
Indian Churches Protest 'Price Tag' for Christian ConversionSubscriber Access Only
Orissa ordering official permission, fees to change religion
Evangelicals Abstain from Zimbabwe's Interfaith BodySubscriber Access Only
Christian group opposes blending of Christianity and traditional African religion.
Campbell Remains Optimistic As She Looks to Life After the NCCSubscriber Access Only
Retiring general secretary leaving behind an organization in financial crisis
"Church School Used to Train Militias, Zimbabwe Politician Says"Subscriber Access Only
Youths reportedly instructed in political violence techniques in run-up to election.
National Council of Churches Making Gun Control Top Legislative PrioritySubscriber Access Only
We must halt America's gun 'scourge,' says general secretary
Greece: Identity-Card Data Divide ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Zimbabwe: Food for votesSubscriber Access Only
"Aid agencies fight starvation, Mugabe's brutal politics in Zimbabwe"
Archbishop Caught in War of Words with Zambian GovernmentSubscriber Access Only
Pentecostal leader says government 'ineffective,' selfish.
Moscow Meeting Eases Russia's Interchurch TensionsSubscriber Access Only
First major interchurch meeting since 1997 religion law called 'highly important'
India: Loving the LepersSubscriber Access Only
A murdered missionary's widow carries on her husband's work.
"Conscience, Not Violence, Must Rule Zimbabwe, Says Catholic Priest"Subscriber Access Only
Oskar Wermter warns that country is drifting into civil war
Poland's Orthodox Church will build cathedral near Warsaw's airportSubscriber Access Only
Roman Catholic officials criticize plan
China's Cardinal Ignatius Kung: Loyal to Very EndSubscriber Access Only
Chinese church leader, oldest Roman Catholic cardinal, dies at age 98
Moscow's Patriarch Accuses West of Double Standards Over ChechnyaSubscriber Access Only
Critics silent on Chechen crimes, says head of the Russian Orthodox Church
After Eli n Cuba's Churches Will Play Leading Role in Time of TransitionSubscriber Access Only
Left-leaning ecumenical groups already working together.
Leading Anglican Priest Protests by Cutting Ties With Church in ZimbabweSubscriber Access Only
White clergyman upset with appointment of bishop and with President Mugabe.
God’s Mercy is More Robust Than We Think
God’s Mercy is More Robust Than We Think
Grace does not sabotage the pursuit of righteousness but empowers it.
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