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Dominus Iesus a 'Public Relations Disaster' for Ecumenism Say Critics
Vatican's statement reasserting itself as the one true church lamented inside and outside Catholicism.
World Council of Churches Trying to Unite Future Easter Observances
"Organization still pushing 1997 Aleppo statement, noting that East and West will share observance again in 2004."
Peacemaking at Top of Agenda of Man Likely To Be Baptist World Alliance President
Billy Jang Hwan Kim will likely become first Korean to head Baptist organization
As Moscow Continues Attacks Churches Speak Out for Chechen Civilians
Ecumenical organizations plead to Russian Orthodox Church 'to do everything in your authority'
Albania's Journey from Atheism to Model of Religious Growth
Orthodox Archbishop credited with growing and strengthening the church
Fifty Years After Fleeing North Korea Syngman Rhee Becomes U.S. Church Head
For first time, no white male candidates for PCUSA moderator.
Vatican: Protestants Not 'Sister Churches'
Vatican official proclaims Protestant churches not sister churches to the Roman Catholic faith.
Top 15 Orthodox Leaders Pledge to Work Together
Only the Patriarch of Moscow abstained from the historic agreement.
Evangelism Now Embarrassing for Most Says Baptist Leader
Even Baptists at World Congress disagree on Chicago initiative
Taiwanese Church Leader Calls for Recognition of Island's Sovereignty
Presbyterian Church in Taiwan in forefront of campaign for Taiwan's independence
Pope Asks Forgiveness for Past Betrayal of the Gospel
Church's 'children' made mistakes, but the church is sacred, says John Paul II
Many—But Not All—Churches Share in Opening of Jubilee Door in Rome
Historical ceremony's link to indulgences brings criticism from some Protestant churches
Palestinian Priest Wins Niwano Peace Prize
Elias Chacour honored for peace education among Jewish, Muslim, and Christian youth in Israel.
Catholics and Protestants Discuss Indulgences
Groups dialogue for further understanding of differences, not to reach a theological consensus.

Top Story March 1, 2021

When Violent Nationalism Backfired for God’s People
When Violent Nationalism Backfired for God’s People
Jesus saw the disastrous end of faith-fueled zealotry and warned against it.

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