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Roman Catholic Reform: John XXIII
Elected to be a caretaker pope, he decided instead to revolutionize Catholicism.
Attack of the Bible-Moths
From the way Oxford scorned the Holy Club, you would think the Wesleys had created a monster.
Maggie, the Dragon Slayer?
Sometimes even hagiographers wondered if their stories were too good to be true.
Christians & Muslims: Did You Know?
Unusual fruits of Western encounters with Islam.
Final Solution, Part II
The Nazis planned to obliterate Christianity, too, according to newly published Nuremberg documents.
Easter Eloquence
The holiday has inspired great words from some of history's greatest preachers
Standing Alone for Unity
The attempt to bring European Christians together forced one reformer, Caspar Schwenckfeld, straight to the fringe
A Primer on Paul
"The History Channel uses Holy Saturday not to discuss Jesus, but the apostle who spread his message."
"Thrills, Chills, Architecture?"
The most exciting adventure at St. Paul's Cathedral would be a time-traveling jaunt through its history.
Live Long and Prosper
"Though a recent survey raises questions, the health benefits of faith have been documented for centuries."
O Christmas Tree
A truly traditional tree would be unrecognizable—and flammable
The Politicians' Patron
As the Roman Catholic patron saint of politicians, Thomas More is not quite a model for all seasons.
Donne on Death
Donne's morbid tendencies were neither unfounded nor without an attendant hope.
Like Father Like Son
The Mather men followed the faith-and career paths-of their fathers.
Give Peace a Chance
1 Book Everyone Should Buy
131 Christians Everyone Should Know is like a super-concentrated, portable version of Christian History—which isn't surprising, considering that we wrote it.
Peace on Earth?
Christmas Carols and the Civil War.
Asking the Wrong Questions
An exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls sheds some light on the manuscripts and their origins, but too many scholars blur the line between fact and theory.
Accidental Radical
Jan Hus's ideas were so sound, it's amazing they were ever considered revolutionary.

Top Story September 21, 2020

Trump Can Afford to Slip Among White Evangelicals, But Not White Catholics
Trump Can Afford to Slip Among White Evangelicals, But Not White Catholics
In the presidential race against Joe Biden, Catholics have emerged as a swing vote.

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