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Everything Old Is on TV
Antiques Roadshow asks, 'What do you want to know today?'
Good King Bad King
How Christian was the king whose name is almost always associated with the Bible?
Rebels to Be Reckoned With
The most powerful empire in Europe was no match for a peasant army led by a blind man.
Christmas Countdown
When does the holiday season really start?
Endangered History
The National Trust's list of imperiled places gives unnoticed gems a chance to shine
Rivers of Life
"In Africa, survival depends on open waterways. Missionary explorer David Livingstone believed that salvation did, too"
When Pacifists Attack
"350 years ago, George Fox launched a powerful, peace-loving movement with an assault on established Christianity."
Holy Mr Herbert
Forgive and Remember
Pope John Paul II's apology was unprecedented, but not entirely unique.
Maniac or Martyr?
Two centuries after his birth, John Brown remains a divisive figure
New Stabs at Old Wounds
Why Northern Ireland doesn't always love a parade.
Sacrifice at Sea
The story that wasn't in James Cameron's Titanic.
The Saga of St. Chad
A tale of political maneuvers and positioning. Sound familiar?
Peace on Earth?
Christmas Carols and the Civil War
Festive Flora
Deck the halls with boughs of pagan signifigance, falalalala, lalalala.
Singing the Old, Old Story
Hymns are one of the only remaining doors for the church's past to enter congregational life
This Is Your Life
Exploring the well-worn sawdust trail between fundamentalists and evangelicals
Dangerous Myth-Conceptions
A new book traces the origins of historical misunderstandings about Christianity.
Colonial Soul
Relations between American Indians and European settlers were often grim, but these Christian historical novels find a few hopeful stories.

Top Story November 23, 2020

Is The Coronavirus Evidence of a Creation in Freefall?
Is The Coronavirus Evidence of a Creation in Freefall?
How does theology explain a pandemic? Basic biology, human sin, or the Devil?

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