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Gospel Goes GlobalSubscriber Access Only
Soul Children choirs are popping up everywhere, even in the most unexpected places.
China's 'Conscience' Missing in ActionSubscriber Access Only
Top Christian lawyer Gao Zhisheng vanishes as government stifles dissent.
A Passion for LifeSubscriber Access Only
Christian music star Rebecca St. James gives acting a shot, with her feature film debut in a pro-life movie.
'Mother Teresa of Our Age' Talks to Her.meneutics
Dr. Catherine Hamlin, 87, has saved countless Ethiopian women's lives through her work repairing fistulas. Most don't know that she labors out of love for Jesus.
Reforming a Girls' ReformatorySubscriber Access Only
A Kansas facility's shuttering reveals the successes and pitfalls of 19th-century moral reform.
Minnesota Man Arrested for Prostituting WifeSubscriber Access Only
Clinton Danner's arrest raises questions about Craigslist's culpability in sex trafficking—and about the church's response to criminal offenders.
Afghan Girls Poisoned for Attending SchoolSubscriber Access Only
Some Afghan groups believe educating girls is forbidden in Islam and corrosive to society.
Chased by GraceSubscriber Access Only
After fleeing her own broken life, Sarah Thebarge learned to see God's image in her refugee neighbors.
Dystopias Catching FireSubscriber Access Only
Is there anything good in the controversial worlds of Katniss and Ender?
'The Giver' Keeps GivingSubscriber Access Only
The case for not ignoring outrageous truth.
Saving Men from Their Own Sex SlaverySubscriber Access Only
According to Daniel Walker, author of 'God in a Brothel', it's not just children who need rescuing from the global sex trade.
Chaz Bono Brings Transgender Issues to TVSubscriber Access Only
His appearance on 'Dancing with the Stars' brings gender issues to the national spotlight, eliciting consternation and praise. How will Christians respond?
Beauty Pageant for Landmine Victims ScrappedSubscriber Access Only
Cambodia's government says the contest makes fun of the disabled. The founder says he's only trying to humanize them.
The Goal in MindSubscriber Access Only
Should athletes openly express faith in action, or is it distracting?
Iranian Christian Women Freed from Evin PrisonSubscriber Access Only
Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad and Maryam Rustampoor were imprisoned for 259 days after converting to Christianity.
Q & A: Wayne PedersonSubscriber Access Only
The president of HCJB Global discusses how the evangelistic organization known for shortwave broadcasting is changing in light of new media realities.
Blessed Are the Jobless: How Ministries Aid the UnemployedSubscriber Access Only
For millions of discouraged workers, the church can turn job loss into a gift.
Sex + Money = New DocumentarySubscriber Access Only
A full-length film, slated for October release, examines America’s sex industry
Sexual Slavery on Main Street Subscriber Access Only
Trafficking of teenagers in the U.S. is getting worse. Here's what some Christians are trying to do about it.

Top Story May 26, 2020

Who Am I That I Should Lead?
Who Am I That I Should Lead?
Some people need warnings to avoid the spotlight. Others need encouragement to step up.

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