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Troubled by the Twiblings?
Melanie Thernstrom's 'NYT Magazine' article about her unconventional method of having children left me unsettled—but not for the reasons you think.
Get Your Free Human Eggs
A recent in vitro fertilization 'raffle' in London entices British women with an unregulated American fertility market. But it's too easy to dismiss that market as a money-grubbing enterprise.
Simplicity: It's Complicated
When trying to buy and spend less only breeds anxiety, maybe it's time to check motives.
Should I accept my disability, or seek treatment for it?
How Much Do Our Stories Matter?
Christian theology makes clear both the limits and the necessity of stories for meaningful moral discourse.
Does God Want Us to Suffer?
Physical pain can transform or destroy us. It's best not to determine which category another's pain falls into.
Frozen Embryos: Biotech's Hidden Dilemma
What should be done with frozen embryos left at fertility clinics?
Lessons from an Expletive-Laced Picture Book
Self-sacrifice can make parents unhappy and unhealthy—or it can help cultivate the abundant life God desires for us.
A Concerning Nobel Prize
The success of IVF technology and our empathy for the families it helps do not trump ongoing ethical concerns.
The Brave Women of the Catholic Church
The Catholic Church abuse stories are exasperating, but a few lay writers give me hope.
Problems with Do-It-Yourself DNA Tests
Consumers don't just need information about their genes; they also need medical and theological wisdom.
Offering Grace to Infertile Couples
The revised edition of William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn's 'When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden' is an encouraging, if limited, resource.
ChristWire and Good Satire
The satirical website ChristWire is heavy-handed and not very funny. But might good satire help illuminate where we believers need reform?
Pass the Casserole
Losing control over your eating—like, when you can’t cook after surgery for cancer—has a way of turning anxiety into gratitude.
Why I Let My Son Wear Pink
The real trouble with the J. Crew ad controversy is not a gay/transgender agenda but our culture's sexualization of children.
Why We Don't Use Natural Family Planning
The method works wonders for many Christian couples, but shouldn't be elevated to one-size-fits-all heights.
Parenting Imperfecta
Every mom has limitations. Mine are just easy to see.
Is Pain Relief a Human Right?
My daughter's own experience with pain has helped me answer this question.
I Want to Be Accepted As I Am, But I’ll Take a Cure Too
Why we should consider correcting disabilities.
Prayers for Japan's Unborn Children
As the country quells a nuclear crisis, I'm reminded that even the best-intentioned parents can't fully protect their children.

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Sign Language Bible Complete After 39 Years
Sign Language Bible Complete After 39 Years
Translation was led by deaf people trained in the biblical languages.

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