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Not Even the Gates of a Hellish Pandemic Will Prevail Over God’s Church
Scripture doesn’t promise wealth or health or even life. What, then, does it promise?
I Have Only One Hope for Racial Justice: A God Who Conquered Death
Christians coming to terms with racism need to be re-enchanted by the Resurrection.
Ni siquiera las puertas de una pandemia infernal prevalecerán sobre la iglesia de Dios
Las Escrituras no prometen riqueza ni salud. Ni siquiera la vida. Entonces, ¿qué prometen?
How the Coming of the Son Brings Hope to the Fatherless
An overlooked prophecy points to the family togetherness we crave at Christmas.
It’s Not My Daughter’s Job to Teach Me About Women
I’m learning how to rightly respect the opposite sex, not because I had a child but because of ongoing encounters with Christ.
What ‘Black Panther’ Means for Christians
This celebration of black culture and black success points to a bigger story for the church.
Preaching Against Racism Is Not a Distraction from the Gospel
The pulpit gives a record of our witness.
A Nation on Fire Needs the Flames of the Spirit
As racism tears the country apart, the message of Pentecost can help the church find its voice.
Uma nação em chamas precisa do fogo do Espírito
À medida que o racismo despedaça o país, a mensagem do Pentecostes pode ajudar a igreja a encontrar sua voz.
불타고 있는 이 나라에 성령의 불길이 필요하다
오순절의 메시지에서 인종 차별로 갈라진 미국의 교회가 내야 할 목소리를 발견하다.
The Palms, the Temple, and the Nations
What made Jesus explode in the Temple on Monday is actually related to his Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday.
Una nación en llamas necesita el Fuego del Espíritu
A medida que el racismo destroza al país, el mensaje de Pentecostés puede ayudar a la Iglesia a encontrar su voz.
Spiritual Revolutionaries in an Age of Despair
These practices of Anna and Simeon kept them faithful in a time of seeming hopelessness.
Bangsa yang Menyala-nyala Membutuhkan kobaran Api Roh Kudus
Di saat rasisme mengobrak-abrik negara ini, pesan di hari Pentakosta dapat membantu gereja menentukan suaranya.

Top Story July 9, 2020

‘Mother to Son’ Amplifies the Voices of Black Mothers
‘Mother to Son’ Amplifies the Voices of Black Mothers
Jasmine Holmes spotlights the realities black families face.

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