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The Hungry CongressmanSubscriber Access Only
Moms in the CrossfireSubscriber Access Only
Moms absorb insanely conflicted messages about what they should or should not do.
Chasing AmySubscriber Access Only
God intervened in a NOW activist's unlikely conversion
A Daily Repentance WorkoutSubscriber Access Only
"As we grow in knowledge of ourselves, God's grace allows us to resist habitual sin and grow in self-control"
Keeping the SabbathSubscriber Access Only
Is it wrong to mow the lawn on Sunday?
Orthodox Unity …Subscriber Access Only
Autonomous Orthodoxy isn't an oxymoron. It's the fulfillment of a different kind of American dream.
Your World:Sex and SaintsSubscriber Access Only
A new vocabulary for an oversexualized culture.
BonnevilleSubscriber Access Only
(500) Days of Summer
Boy loves girl, girl says there is no such thing as love; their relationship unfolds over the course of 500 days in this extraordinarily creative rom-com.
All About SteveSubscriber Access Only
An oddball crossword-puzzle creator mistakenly believes that a news cameraman is her boyfriend.
Higher GroundSubscriber Access Only
A woman's experience with Christianity—from the certainties of new conversion to later struggles with faith. PLUS: Interview with Vera Farmiga.
I Didn't Mean to be RudeSubscriber Access Only
Many faiths, not just ours, hold quite specific doctrines and stand at firm disagreement with one another.
Escape from Fantasy IslandSubscriber Access Only
Reality is God's home address.
The Thrill of NaughtinessSubscriber Access Only
If South Park opens the door for latent hostility against faith to be ventilated, Christians should brace themselves for a rough time ahead.
Brother from Another PlanetSubscriber Access Only
"When a 15-foot-high stranger told Howard Finster to paint for God full time, he listened."
Whatever Happened to Repentance?Subscriber Access Only
We've come to think our faith is about comfort. It's not
Your World:Psalm 23 and All ThatSubscriber Access Only
Foggy childhood memories create Bible bloopers.
Baby MamaSubscriber Access Only
Henry Poole Is HereSubscriber Access Only
Toy Story 3Subscriber Access Only
In what might be Pixar's best movie ever, Andy heads off to college while Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang face a new and more dangerous life.

Top Story May 24, 2020

‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight.
‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight.
Our churches are essential, but whether it is critical to gather is another question.

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