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The Dilemmas of a Pro-Life Pastor
How churches should handle the delicate issue of abortion when nearly one-fifth of women who get abortions are sitting in our pews.
Free Love Didn’t Come Cheap
It's hard to share your body when your heart keeps getting in the way.
So I'm Sorry Already
What do you say after you say "I'm sorry"?
Joyous Cursing
Was Dale Earnhardt Jr. right about profanity?
Virtue Rediscovered
Moral tales for parents and children.
Desert of the Real?
The world of The Matrix is wrong: Creation really is beautiful
To Hell on a Cream Puff
Gluttony makes you soft and lovable. It's the cute sin.
'Perhaps Just Out of Our Minds'
Christian filmmaker Buzz McLaughlin tries to find a niche between secular movies and preachy ones—only to find it's an elusive market.
In this documentary, six women who have experienced the death of a child travel together to South Africa to help impoverished children.
In Time
In a land where the currency is time rather than money, fighting for justice means fighting for your life.
My Top 5 Silent Movies
Where Do We Go Now?
In a Lebanese village, Christian and Muslim women try various ploys to distract their men from fighting.
Food for Thought - Feb 25 2008
Why Women Choose Abortion
Your World: A Clear and Present Identity
Be not bewildered by the cultural chatter telling you who you are.
Married to the Empire
Together, Emperor Justinian I and Empress Theodora I transformed the Byzantine landscape.
Into the Wild
In the 1960s, a girl and boy meet in second grade, and navigate a romantic relationship over the next five years—but it never finds the magic of Rob Reiner's best films.
Larry Crowne
Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in a rom com. A slam dunk, right? Unfortunately, no.

Top Story January 26, 2021

Prayers and Praises from the World’s Hardest Places to Be a Christian
Prayers and Praises from the World’s Hardest Places to Be a Christian
The struggles and joys experienced by believers in 11 nations on Open Doors’ Christian persecution watchlist.

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