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The Hungry Congressman
Moms in the Crossfire
Moms absorb insanely conflicted messages about what they should or should not do.
Chasing Amy
God intervened in a NOW activist's unlikely conversion
A Daily Repentance Workout
"As we grow in knowledge of ourselves, God's grace allows us to resist habitual sin and grow in self-control"
Keeping the Sabbath
Is it wrong to mow the lawn on Sunday?
Orthodox Unity …
Autonomous Orthodoxy isn't an oxymoron. It's the fulfillment of a different kind of American dream.
Your World:Sex and Saints
A new vocabulary for an oversexualized culture.
(500) Days of Summer
Boy loves girl, girl says there is no such thing as love; their relationship unfolds over the course of 500 days in this extraordinarily creative rom-com.
All About Steve
An oddball crossword-puzzle creator mistakenly believes that a news cameraman is her boyfriend.
Higher Ground
A woman's experience with Christianity—from the certainties of new conversion to later struggles with faith. PLUS: Interview with Vera Farmiga.
The Abortion Debate Is Over
Pro-lifers overestimated the average American's allegiance to logic.
Judgment Day
God promised that calamity would follow disobedience. So why are we quick to dismiss it as a reason for the September 11 attacks?
Your World: Unrighteous Indignation
Righteous anger is often a mask for mere self-righteousness.
Loving the Storm-Drenched
We can no more change the culture than we can the weather. Fortunately, we've got more important things to do.
Grace Is Gone
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
The Rocker
A taciturn railway engineer retires and must find a new life, while encountering many strange experiences along the way.
There Be Dragons
A biopic about the founder of Opus Dei falls flat and doesn't ring very true.

Top Story October 21, 2020

Christians Invented Health Insurance. Can They Make Something Better?
Christians Invented Health Insurance. Can They Make Something Better?
How to heal a medical system that abandons the vulnerable.

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