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Monday Morning RestorationSubscriber Access Only
Investing Your Life WiselySubscriber Access Only
Blood, Sweat, and PrayersSubscriber Access Only
One man's journal of ministry among New York City's firefighters and police officers at Ground Zero
One Last ThoughtSubscriber Access Only
Speaking into CrisisSubscriber Access Only
The Root of LeadershipSubscriber Access Only
Problems from ReadersSubscriber Access Only
The Private Times of the Public MinisterSubscriber Access Only
A church leader's private life is not second-class time; it's a chance to come apart and rest.
What's to Become of Tom?Subscriber Access Only
The kid is self-absorbed and directionless. Does he have a future as a leader?
Impatient Questions for GodSubscriber Access Only
Does God really invite my honest pleadings and even demands?
Kids, Dogs, and Real-World WordsSubscriber Access Only
Preaching that even children take to heart employs words simple and deep.
Emergency InstructionsSubscriber Access Only
Urgent messages must sound urgent, and other entries from Gordon's journal.
Leader's Insight: Construction ZoneSubscriber Access Only
Life in the slow lane may be God's intention for us after all.
Leader's Insight: Exercises in PatienceSubscriber Access Only
What I'm learning from airlines, C.S. Lewis, and war.
Leader's Insight: On Fords and FaithfulnessSubscriber Access Only
What my unreliable old car taught me about myself.
Leader's Insight: So Many Christian InfantsSubscriber Access Only
Why are we so good at leading people to faith and so bad at prodding them to maturity?
My Faves: The People I KeepSubscriber Access Only
Creating a new cell-phone directory tested my commitment in ways I didn't expect.
The Story We Long ForSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes we don't realize what we need to hear, again and again.
Health, Care, and the GospelSubscriber Access Only
Your Most Important Conversation
Each week, debrief with yourself and God. Here's how.

Top Story July 8, 2020

Can the Church Save Marriage?
Can the Church Save Marriage?
Matrimony rates are in decline, even among conservative Christians. Here’s what that means for the future.

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