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The Phone Book TestSubscriber Access Only
Robert P. George explains how a simple experiment reveals the great divide in our culture.
Why Tim Keller Wants You to Stay in That Job You Hate
The Redeemer pastor explains how he ministers to laypeople facing career confusion.
From Tower-Dwellers to TravelersSubscriber Access Only
Ugandan-born theologian Emmanuel Katongole offers a new paradigm for missions.
From Four Laws to Four CirclesSubscriber Access Only
James Choung has found a way to tell the old, old story to a new generation.
Blinded by Bush?Subscriber Access Only
David Kuo defends 'Tempting Faith' and responds to allegations of naivete.
Powering DownSubscriber Access Only
World Vision India head Jayakumar Christian on how the poor become movers and shakers, and movers and shakers become poor.
Experiencing Life at the MarginsSubscriber Access Only
An African bishop tells North American Christians the most helpful gospel-thing they can do.
Why Your City Needs Emerging Christian Leaders
Fritz Kling and Tim Holtz share how the Richmond Christian Leadership Institute has prepared over 150 diverse leaders under age 40 to serve their city well.
Christ, My BodhisattvaSubscriber Access Only
Multinational businessman and politician Ram Gidoomal talks about 'translating' the gospel in today's world.
The Joyful Environmentalists: Eugene Peterson and Peter HarrisSubscriber Access Only
The duo thinks of creation care not as an onerous duty but a natural response to the goodness of God.
Liberate My PeopleSubscriber Access Only
Theologian and educator Ruth Padilla DeBorst says true Christian mission addresses issues of power and poverty.
The Mission of the TrinitySubscriber Access Only
Singaporean theologian Simon Chan says 'missional theology' has not gone far enough.
The Upside of ShameSubscriber Access Only
Honor and shame dynamics can shape everything from evangelism to fundraising to family relationships.

Top Story February 29, 2020

How to Build Trust in Science Within the Black Church
How to Build Trust in Science Within the Black Church
Q&A: Minister and scholar Cleve Tinsley says conversations should address history of inequality and include representation from black scientists.

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