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Looking After CreationSubscriber Access Only
Acclaimed physicist Sir John Houghton discusses his motives and passion for a cooler world climate.
The Devil Didn't Make Me Do ItSubscriber Access Only
Possession is real, says Scott Peck, but we have more to fear from the evil already inside us.
Together in the Jesus StorySubscriber Access Only
Bob Webber's fingerprints are all over a new call to live the narrative that really matters.
The Duct Tape SolutionSubscriber Access Only
In “Be Very Afraid,"' sociologist Robert Wuthnow explains how Americans typically respond to fear.
Mark Noll on the Foundation of the Evangelical MindSubscriber Access Only
Christian scholarship must be rooted in the person and work of Christ, says the Notre Dame historian.
Why the NAE Issued a Clergy Code of EthicsSubscriber Access Only
Uncertainty on issues like use of time, family obligations, plagiarism, and pornography sparked a call for a broad statement, says Luder Whitlock.
Rubber Sharks and Real KidsSubscriber Access Only
Ted Baehr tells parents to use common sense and cognitive development theory.
Abolishing Homelessness in Ten YearsSubscriber Access Only
Philip Mangano, the federal 'homeless czar,' says, 'Yes we can.'
Q & A: Bishop Kallistos Ware on the Fullness and the CenterSubscriber Access Only
The metropolitan archbishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the U.K. on evangelism, evangelicals, and the Orthodox Church.
Timothy George on the Reformers' Postmodern MomentSubscriber Access Only
The historical theologian says Luther and Calvin show us how to read the Bible for the sake of the church.
You Can't Think Your Way to GodSubscriber Access Only
Christian formation means shaping our loves, says Jamie Smith, not just educating our minds.
Haggard 'Deserves What He Got'Subscriber Access Only
So says Alexandra Pelosi, whose documentary about Haggard airs on HBO this week. But she also sees a man who has worked through his pain—thanks to the Bible.
The Accidental AnglicanSubscriber Access Only
On his journey from Calvary Chapel through the Vineyard, the emerging church, the Alpha Course, and now the Anglican Mission in America, Todd Hunter has remained tightly focused on evangelism.
Boy Preacher Turns Friendly CriticSubscriber Access Only
An interview with William Martin.
The Art of GlorySubscriber Access Only
Cape Cod's newly completed Church of the Transfiguration embodies the belief that beauty can nurture our communion with God.
Pray for the Peace of SudanSubscriber Access Only
The World Evangelical Alliance's Geoff Tunnicliffe talks about efforts to ensure a fair and peaceful election in Sudan and calls for a world day of prayer for the safety of believers there.
Mission-Driven FaithSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Thomas Oden and J.I. Packer
Q&A: Francis BeckwithSubscriber Access Only
Former ETS president speaks about what he takes from evangelicalism back to the Roman Catholic Church.

Top Story August 7, 2020

How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable.

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