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Zipping ItSubscriber Access Only
Donna Freitas says that when it comes to sexual ethics, nonreligious schools are failing their students.
Welcome Amy Julia Becker, CT's Newest Blogger
The author of three books and longtime Her.meneutics contributor talks about her hopes for the site.
Meet the Christian Doctor Who Changed How We Play FootballSubscriber Access Only
Bennet Omalu, played by Will Smith in the new film 'Concussion,' says it's time to ban children from playing high-contact sports.
Female Sex Addict: Not an OxymoronSubscriber Access Only
Marnie Ferree's 'No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction' challenges easy assumptions about who gets addicted and why.
Study: Where Are the Women Leading Evangelical Organizations?Subscriber Access Only
That's the mystery the Gender Parity Project, whose results debut this weekend, sets out to solve.
When God Calls You to Leave the Art WorldSubscriber Access Only
Lilias Trotter could have been a famous painter. Instead, she chose to travel with two other single women to preach the gospel in Algeria. Why?
The CT Interview: Saeed Abedini Answers Abuse Allegations Subscriber Access Only
The formerly jailed Iranian American pastor talks to CT about his marriage, his imprisonment, and his hopes for revival.
Every Older Singles' BattleSubscriber Access Only
With Singled Out, Christine Colón imagines what celibacy might look like for today's evangelicals.
Sports with a Deeper PurposeSubscriber Access Only
Wheaton College's new athletics director responds to The Atlantic's controversial indictment of college sports.
Marilynne Robinson Takes on Bad Science WritersSubscriber Access Only
The novelist wades into the religion-and-science debate with 'Absence of Mind.'
Celebrating the Unglamorous, Effective Work of Local Politics
Political scientist Amy Black says a few concerned citizens in a particular neighborhood can have far greater impact than checking a box on November 2.
Calvin College's New President Talks Budget Pressures, Diversity, and the Biggest Theological Issue TodaySubscriber Access Only
Hint: It's not homosexuality, says the first non-Dutch president in over 60 years.
The Thin Line between Trafficking and PornographySubscriber Access Only
Trafficking survivor Jessica Richardson talks about the connection in her own life.
Geek TheologianSubscriber Access Only
Wired magazine founder Kevin Kelly talks to CT about the Amish, heaven, and why he doesn't own a smart phone.
When the Stranger KnocksSubscriber Access Only
The influx of immigrants to the U.S. means a new mission field for churches, says World Relief's Jenny Hwang.
The Rotisserie Chicken GospelSubscriber Access Only
Author Susan Isaacs on comedy, church hopping, and having a 'middle-class white girl's Dark Night of the Soul.'
The Weird and Wonderful Church Drawings of John HendrixSubscriber Access Only
Hendrix is no Thomas Kinkade. Which means he gets us a lot closer to the Bible.
Kirsten Powers: The Rise of the Intolerant LeftSubscriber Access Only
The commentator says we are in a new McCarthyist era—and that the Americans quashing free speech are the ones who have typically heralded it.
Public Education: The Next Moral Issue for Today's Evangelicals
How Nicole Baker Fulgham is convincing fellow Christians to fill in the education gap crippling U.S. cities
Why a Wheaton College Professor Smeared Jesus in Human DirtSubscriber Access Only
David Hooker explains the inspiration and process behind his much-discussed "Corpus."

Top Story March 28, 2020

In Italy, I’ve Rediscovered the Power of Three Types of Prayer
In Italy, I’ve Rediscovered the Power of Three Types of Prayer
Psalms of lament felt hyperbolic before COVID-19. But amid 10,000 deaths, my locked-down church in Rome resonates with David more than ever.

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