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Pharaoh's Firstborn, Proof of the Plagues?Subscriber Access Only
The Discovery Channel's Rameses: Wrath of God or Man? seeks to determine if God really killed Pharaoh's oldest son.
Drop Out and Tune in to JesusSubscriber Access Only
Today's intentional communities are very different, and very similar to, those formed in the '70s.
Habitat's New President Reaffirms Christian Identity, MinistrySubscriber Access Only
A former business executive and executive pastor, Jonathan Reckford says Habitat will continue founder's mission.
Spiritual Formation for DummiesSubscriber Access Only
Many people want more than knowledge about God—they want transformation, says Adele Ahlberg Calhoun. But they don't know where to start.
The Gospel for All PeopleSubscriber Access Only
It's not your father's missions movement.
Q&A: Tony HallSubscriber Access Only
Hall, a former Democratic congressman, directs the faith component of a new Middle East initiative sponsored by the State Department and members of Congress.
Ambassador: Sudan Accords Only One Step in Peace ProcessSubscriber Access Only
Continued effort to implement and monitor Sudan's peace agreement will be necessary to ensure safety for its population, Michael Ranneberger says.
Pastoring a Wounded PresidentSubscriber Access Only
Until an assassination attempt, Ronald Reagan regularly attended National Presbyterian Church. After the attempt, Louis Evans was among the few people invited to minister to the family.
Christian Athletes to Watch in the OlympicsSubscriber Access Only
Sports Spectrum magazine has its eye on the believers competing in Athens.
A Modest Step Toward UnitySubscriber Access Only
Richard John Neuhaus on the Catholic bishops' decision to join Christian Churches Together.
A Church in DiasporaSubscriber Access Only
A New Orleans pastor takes care of his scattered flock from Houston.
The Blogosphere's Favorite Real Live PreacherSubscriber Access Only
The author of instant messages about the sudden success of his weblog.
The Scary Truth About Christian GivingSubscriber Access Only
We need to be more ruthless about ridding ourselves of surplus wealth.
Ronald Reagan's Faith, Not Just Policies, Undermined CommunismSubscriber Access Only
The author of God and Ronald Reagan discusses the spiritual life of America's 40th president
C.S. Lewis, the Sneaky PaganSubscriber Access Only
The author of A Field Guide to Narnia says Lewis wove pre-Christian ideas into a story for a post-Christian culture.
Putting (Pro)Life into the PartySubscriber Access Only
Democrats shouldn't be afraid of being pro-life says Democrats for Life's Kristen Day.
Hungry for JesusSubscriber Access Only
A Chinese pastor on how he was 'called out of Egypt' to a thriving urban ministry.
Sudan's Biblical HistorySubscriber Access Only
Sudan's ongoing civil war isn't the only reason Christians should be familiar with the region.
Studying the Silver ScreenSubscriber Access Only
Christians aren't known for their nuanced approach to Hollywood. Film critic Jeffrey Overstreet is trying to change that.
The Medical Hazards of Spiritual CareSubscriber Access Only
New studies are finding that terminal cancer patients do better when doctors and medical staff are spiritually supportive.

Top Story July 2, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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