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Yes, We Have a WitnessSubscriber Access Only
Historian Vinson Synan reflects personally on the Pentecostal movement.
How Charity Can Be Toxic, Just in Time for ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
Bob Lupton explains how to avoid destroying dignity.
Q & A: Michele Bachmann on Cuts for Aid Relief, Obama's Faith and Credibility, and Francis SchaefferSubscriber Access Only
The Tea Party caucus chair talks to CT about recent military actions in Libya, why she opposes governmental steps to combat global warming, and her potential presidential candidacy.
Q & A: Brit HumeSubscriber Access Only
The former news anchor for Fox News explains why he told Tiger Woods to turn to the Christian faith.
Redeeming 'Lost'Subscriber Access Only
Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen tells CT why the television show reminds him of C. S. Lewis's 'The Great Divorce.'
Francis Chan's Next StepsSubscriber Access Only
The 'Crazy Love' author stepped down from his church and doesn't know where he's headed.
Q & A: Tim Tebow on Faith, Fame, & FootballSubscriber Access Only
The NFL athlete reflects on his outspoken faith, whether athletes should attribute their wins to God, and moving from the Focus on the Family ad to Jockey ads.
Q & A: Timothy Goeglein on Redemption After Plagiarism Subscriber Access Only
The former aide to President George W. Bush explains ways to think theologically about repentance.
Germany's 'Cold Religion'Subscriber Access Only
A Berlin-based journalist says that Martin Luther would have driven most of Germany's bishops from their pulpits.
American IdolsSubscriber Access Only
Tim Keller explains why money, sex, and power so easily capture our affections.
Q & A: Marco Rubio on His Faith of Many ColorsSubscriber Access Only
The Florida senator's religious background takes many shapes, but he knows how it translates into policy.
Lent Isn't Just About YouSubscriber Access Only
Why one Catholic writer went on a mission to do more than self-improve.
Focus on the FemalesSubscriber Access Only
James Dobson explains his ideas for raising daughters, and life after Focus.
Q+A: Carrie PrejeanSubscriber Access Only
The former Miss California contestant says that she is 'still standing,' and called a recent video of her 'the worst mistake of my life.'
Michele Bachmann: 'It's High Time We Have a Mother in the White House'Subscriber Access Only
Also, the GOP candidate from Minnesota tells CT about her new church.
The Rhetoric of Chastity: Making Abstinence SexySubscriber Access Only
Communications expert Christine Gardner reveals what makes abstinence campaigns work.
Breadwinners and BenefactorsSubscriber Access Only
Lynn Cohick argues that early Christian women were more active in public life than we might think.
A Theology of WorkflowSubscriber Access Only
Matt Perman on how Christians should think about productivity.
Craig Groeschel: Why You Need a Cleanse—of Your SoulSubscriber Access Only
The pastor of explains a turning point for his ministry.
Helping Haiti HealSubscriber Access Only
Food for the Hungry explains the challenges it faces before it can begin to help Haiti recover from the earthquake.
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining Denominations
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
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