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Wycliffe in OverdriveSubscriber Access Only
Freddy Boswell describes the most audacious Bible translation project ever.
What Married Women WantSubscriber Access Only
Sociologist Brad Wilcox says one type of marriage makes most women happier.
Grace Afar and NearSubscriber Access Only
Billy Graham's third daughter, Ruth, describes her relationship with her famous father.
Faith and FightingSubscriber Access Only
Author Stephen Mansfield says religious belief is critical to the soldier.
Evangelicals in a Secular SocietySubscriber Access Only
Ted Haggard says Galatians bars us from using the law to create a Christian nation.
Squeezing the Reader's HeartSubscriber Access Only
Ted Dekker sees himself as a reverse missionary.
Creation or Evolution? Yes!Subscriber Access Only
Francis Collins issues a call to stand on the middle ground.
The Evangelical ScandalSubscriber Access Only
Ron Sider says the movement is riddled with hypocrisy, and that it's time for serious change.
God's Word in an Old LightSubscriber Access Only
Philip Jenkins on how global South Christians read the Bible.
The World's Prayer GuideSubscriber Access Only
The latest edition of 'Operation World' spotlights a shifting global church.
Amazing NewtonSubscriber Access Only
Aitken biography examines a giant on his own terms.
The Changing Face of ApologeticsSubscriber Access Only
Lee Strobel doesn't think the traditional methods work anymore.
Interview: Douglas Groothuis on Good Apologetics Subscriber Access Only
The philosophy professor wants all Christians to go out and defend the faith in love.
Q&A: Hugh HewittSubscriber Access Only
Conservative blogger, political analyst, and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Romney's bid for the White House.
Daily FaithSubscriber Access Only
What Karen Kingsbury thinks readers are looking for.
Pivoting Toward the Faraway NeighborSubscriber Access Only
Gary Haugen says rescuing the oppressed is within our reach.
Relentless PursuitSubscriber Access Only
Mark Buchanan examines the fruit of spiritual disciplines.
Crunchy TimeSubscriber Access Only
Rod Dreher says that conservative man cannot live by the free market alone.
When the Mountains Don't MoveSubscriber Access Only
Professor learns hard lessons in the school of prayer.
Singable DoctrineSubscriber Access Only
Keith and Kristyn Getty have a passion for writing modern hymns.
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Preemptive Love’s Jeremy Courtney says despite the Turkey deal, “This crisis shows no sign of letting up, and we can’t either.”
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