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Incarnate ForeverSubscriber Access Only
What is the scriptural and theological support for the teaching that Jesus, the God-man, remains eternally incarnate?
All Sins Are Not EqualSubscriber Access Only
Question: Are all sins weighed equally, or is one more important than another? —Linda Linton, Celina, Ohio
The Bible's Authority: Faith on Unchanging TermsSubscriber Access Only
J.I. Packer's short review of Who Owns the Bible.
Knowing GodSubscriber Access Only
Know God intimately and lead others to do the same.
Text Criticism and InerrancySubscriber Access Only
How can I reconcile my belief in the inerrancy of Scripture with comments in Bible translations that state that a particular verse is not 'in better manuscripts'?
Fear of Looking ForwardSubscriber Access Only
Wisdom in a Time of WarSubscriber Access Only
What Oswald Chambers and C.S. Lewis teach us about living through the long battle with terrorism
Prayers for SalvationSubscriber Access Only
God may have lessons for us in the way he answers our askings
Is Satan Omnipresent?Subscriber Access Only
If not, how does he tempt many people at one time?—Barry Wolfe, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Salvation sans JesusSubscriber Access Only
"The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration" states that sincere worshipers of other religions will not be saved—does that also refer to Moses and other Old Testament faithful? —Ty Conley, Salem, Oregon
Facing Theological DivisionSubscriber Access Only
A case-study approach to public leadership and personal relationships when beliefs divide.
What the Puritans Taught MeSubscriber Access Only
They kept their eyes on heaven as pilgrims traveling home to the Celestial City.
The Gospel BassoonSubscriber Access Only
My favorite Old Testament passage: Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
Experiencing God's PresentsSubscriber Access Only
"The church is not a bus where one person does the driving. It's like an anthill, where everyone works"
God's Triple TeamSubscriber Access Only
The Trinity isn't a technicality but the central relationship of the Christian faith.
There's Something About MarySubscriber Access Only
Beliefs about Jesus' virgin mother vary between Christians of the early church, Roman Catholics, and modern-day Protestants, but this model of total trustful devotion has lessons to teach all Christians.
We Can OvercomeSubscriber Access Only
A CT forum examines the subtle nature of the church's racial division—and offers hope.
Count Your SurprisesSubscriber Access Only
The high spots of my life have been anything but expected.

Top Story July 6, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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