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How Churches Can Spot and Stop Human Trafficking After Hurricane Michael
Christians are uniquely poised to help in the wake of disaster.
Giving Once to Nepal Relief Is Great. Twice Is Better.Subscriber Access Only
Nepal’s recovery will likely take years. Christians should stay the course—generously.
A Walking DisasterSubscriber Access Only
How a hurricane helped me weather my battle with cancer.
How Churches Can Help Without Hurting After Super Typhoon HaiyanSubscriber Access Only
Rule #1: Don't jump into action before you know the needs on the ground.
If You Really Want to Help after Hurricane Florence, Set Out to Be Humble—Not a Hero
Leave the cape at home before leaping into action because it’s humble hearts and hands that are needed to save the day.
Listen More, Speak Less to Help After Tragedies Like the Deadly Texas Church Bus Accident
Listening will speak more deeply to survivors than any words you might say.
What Kind of Faith Helped People Survive Hurricane Katrina?Subscriber Access Only
A key predictor of resilience is a person's actively engaged faith. There's more to it than just being 'religious.'
How Should Churches Respond to Mass Shootings?
An interview with former FEMA Chief W. Craig Fugate in light of the Tree of Life Synagogue Tragedy.
Helping Teenagers and Children Cope Spiritually and Emotionally after a Crisis Like the Thai Cave Rescue
Odds of being trapped in a cave like the Thai soccer boys is rare – but childhood trauma is not.
3 Disaster Myths That Only Compound the Devastation
The biggest threat facing churches isn’t a disaster event—it’s how we think about disasters.
Hurricane Harvey Is Here. Time for Christians to Show What We’ve Learned Since Katrina.
Advice for US churches on Category 4 storm from a disaster researcher who survived 2005.
Christianity Today's 2020 Book Awards
Christianity Today's 2020 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
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