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What You Don't Know About Complementarian Women
In her new book, Rachel Held Evans wants to put us all in one camp. Not so fast.
Stop Reading This and Get Back in the Kitchen
Why our Christmas domesticity matters more than we know.
'Let Me Impact the Media for You'
How Lorna Dueck is embodying a winsome apologetic on Canadian TV.
Fellow Christians: I'm Rich and I'm Sorry
The church needs a more open conversation about wealth and stewardship—and not just for pastors.
The Book Thief: Being Human in the Midst of Inhumanity
A World War II film with an unexpected theme.
Redeeming the 'Do What You Love' Mantra
The good news for Christians: When work is worship, we get to love it all.
Learning (and Relearning) to Forgive My Mother
The compelling message of love and grace
Habits of the Heart, Part 1
Why routine spiritual practices are still a good idea
We Are Called to Desire (Part 2)
4 unexpected gifts that come with wanting
Love Your Neighbor in the New Year: Answer Their Emails and Texts
Jesus protected his time and also gave it up willingly. In this digital age, we’re called to do the same.
코로나19를 견디는 시간을 위한 기도
코로나 19가 전 세계를 위기에 빠뜨린 지금, 우리는 무릎 꿇습니다.
코로나19가 정점에 달한 전 세계를 위한 기도
하나님께 간구함은 여전히 위기에 대처하는 가장 강력한 방법입니다.
Thou Shall Have More Kids
In defense of bigger families and smaller budgets.
The Feel-Good Faith of Evangelicals
Are we really as “biblical” as we think we are?
The Misguided Theology of Kindness
Why George Saunders’s convocation speech misses the mark for Christians.
A Rich Christian in the Age of Food Stamps
Why food insecurity is every evangelical’s concern.
An Experiment in 'Going Saint'
Richard Foster's son gets acquainted with the spiritual disciplines.
Can We Ever Trust Our Own Hearts?
An excerpt from CT's 2015 Book of the Year, 'Teach Us to Want: Longing, Ambition and the Life of Faith.'
Is This What Love Looks Like?
Parsing mixed messages about the heart of marriage.
God Does Help Those Who Help Themselves
A look at poverty solutions that engage the poor.

Top Story September 25, 2020

What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
COVID-19’s ministry disruptions are generating lasting insights.

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