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The Accidental Complementarian Subscriber Access Only
How I came to embrace this misunderstood label.
The Misguided Theology of KindnessSubscriber Access Only
Why George Saunders’s convocation speech misses the mark for Christians.
Moms on Trial: How Judgment Became Today's Parenting AdviceSubscriber Access Only
And how Christians can opt out of joining the public jury.
The Most Important Thing About the Holy SpiritSubscriber Access Only
J. D. Greear remembers what gets missed in secondary debates.
Thou Shalt Not Bail
The bailing trend is an understandable byproduct of a busy culture. But is it Christian?
How Abortion Stories Overtook Life EthicsSubscriber Access Only
Anecdotes aren’t enough to determine morality.
Why Public Intellectuals Need Their Ivory Towers
Ta-Nehisi Coates’s departure from 'The Atlantic' reflects a growing crisis: Our digital age inhibits reliable and enduring insight.
Glennon Doyle Melton's Gospel of Self-FulfillmentSubscriber Access Only
Why living your truth bravely isn't enough.
Being Skinny Is Not a Christian Virtue Subscriber Access Only
Finding the right motivations for caring for our bodies.
The Book Thief: Being Human in the Midst of InhumanitySubscriber Access Only
A World War II film with an unexpected theme.
Love Your Neighbor in the New Year: Answer Their Emails and Texts
Jesus protected his time and also gave it up willingly. In this digital age, we’re called to do the same.
Finding My Place in The Gospel CoalitionSubscriber Access Only
Where do women belong in complementarian organizations?
Randy Alcorn: God Wants You to Find Your Happy Place
Why happiness and holiness don’t have to be in conflict.
When Our Desires Disorient UsSubscriber Access Only
Recognizing what we want allows us to stand exposed before God.
Old Testament Law Is a Gracious Invitation to Intimacy with GodSubscriber Access Only
Why believers shouldn’t throw it away out of embarrassment.
There's Never Enough TimeSubscriber Access Only
What I’ve learned as a working mother about the limits of time management.
Is This What Love Looks Like?Subscriber Access Only
Parsing mixed messages about the heart of marriage.
A Message to John MacArthur: The Bible Calls Both Men and Women to ‘Go Home’
The California pastor’s recent statement isn’t fundamentally about female preaching.
Learning (and Relearning) to Forgive My MotherSubscriber Access Only
The compelling message of love and grace
How Canada Convinced Me Not to VoteSubscriber Access Only
Why I won't be casting my ballot in two weeks.
On MLK Day, Be Still and Listen
On MLK Day, Be Still and Listen
Hearing each other is a miracle. We need to practice receiving it as such.
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