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Cuba for Christ—Ahora!
The Communist island's improbable revival is 15 years old and growing stronger.
A Double-Edged Sword
Pastors split over Bible reading in schools as fix for violence.
Chicago's 'Best Place to Work for Women' Sues Over HHS Contraception MandateSubscriber Access Only
Family-run business protests mandate that goes against Catholic founders' religious beliefs.
Pat Robertson's Adoption Remarks "Of The Devil," Says SBC's Russell Moore (Updated)Subscriber Access Only
Southern Baptist leader defends international adoption from 700 Club comments.
Rob Bell's Latest Venture: Talk and Surf for $500Subscriber Access Only
Love Wins author announces small gatherings, with TV and book projects in the works.
Cornerstone Plans Final Festival After 28 YearsSubscriber Access Only
Changing market and difficult economy prompt "Jesus' Woodstock" to call it quits this July.
Can Homeless Shelter Qualify As A Church?Subscriber Access Only
Community Inn says yes; City of Lexington says no.
Stop Supporting Wycliffe's Current Bible Translations For Muslims, PCA Advises ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Presbyterian Church in America takes firmer stand on debate over translating "Son of God" for Muslims.
Founder of Singapore's Largest Megachurch Arrested Over Wife's Pop Music OutreachSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) City Harvest Church says it is "saddened" by the resignation of Chew Eng Han, a co-defendant in the church's embezzlement suit.
Sterling Huston, Director of Billy Graham Crusades, Dies At 76Subscriber Access Only
Huston was an early proponent of online evangelism.
UPDATED: Roundup of Responses to Massacre of Schoolchildren at Sandy Hook ElementarySubscriber Access Only
The answer to today's tragedy in Connecticut is 'both more simple and more terrifying than we think.'
Post Sandy Hook, Support Increases for Mental Health vs Gun Control vs ’God and Morality’Subscriber Access Only
Survey examines best ways to prevent mass shootings; evangelicals favor third option.
Amid the Mayan Calendar Hysteria, Some Interesting 'End Times' ResearchSubscriber Access Only
Americans polled on whether recent natural disasters are evidence of biblical end times or global warming.
Move Over, TobyMac: Chris Tomlin Tops Billboard 200 (Thanks to Passion)Subscriber Access Only
(Updated) Conference did more than just raise $3 million to combat human trafficking.
Breaking News: Military Removes Ban on Women in CombatSubscriber Access Only
CT offers three evangelical views, given the Bible's Deborah, Jael, Judith.
After 'Kidnapping' Its Youth Group, Church Agrees to Fines and Community ServiceSubscriber Access Only
Assemblies of God youth pastor was trying to show students how missionaries are persecuted.
Oral Roberts University Names Its Next PresidentSubscriber Access Only
For its 50th anniversary, Pentecostal school has winnowed 170 prospects down to one man.
Will Boy Scouts Board Members Lift the Ban on Gay Members?Subscriber Access Only
(Updated) Ahead of this month's vote on a plan to lift the gay-member ban, the Boy Scouts of America says a majority of members support the current policy.
Teachers Still Suing Christian Schools over Sex Standards (Despite Hosanna-Tabor)Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) The Supreme Court may have strengthened the rights of Christian employers, but Cincinnati jury sides with lesbian teacher fired after becoming pregnant via artificial insemination.
Forget Dennis Rodman: 'Groundbreaking' Investigation of North Korea Approved by United NationsSubscriber Access Only
Christian Solidarity Worldwide claims victory after long human rights campaign.

Top Story March 31, 2020

Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to US Hospitals
Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to US Hospitals
Two Christian bioethicists on life or death issues that American doctors may soon face.

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