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God Loves UgandaSubscriber Access Only
In a documentary along the lines of 'Jesus Camp,' who's demonizing whom?
The True, the Good, and the Beautiful Christian
Beauty is making a comeback in science and theology. Will it find its place in the lives of believers?
Doctrine that Actually DelightsSubscriber Access Only
J.I. Packer's Knowing God turns 40
Confronting Canada's Secular SlideSubscriber Access Only
Why Canadian evangelicals thrive in a culture often indifferent to religious faith.
By Their Books Ye Shall Know ThemSubscriber Access Only
Books that have shaped American evangelicals in the last 40 years
This (Ambiguous) Political LifeSubscriber Access Only
What it means for the church to be involved in politics.
What Conversion Is and Is NotSubscriber Access Only
Hint: It's not just about getting people 'saved.
Refiner’s Fire: There Is an Answer to EvilSubscriber Access Only
What Has Jerusalem to Do with Mecca?Subscriber Access Only
Two new books on the world's religions raise new possibilities, and new questions, for evangelicals
Just Who Are These ‘People of Faith’ Anyway?Subscriber Access Only
Articulating moral consensus in a pluralistic country.
The Seven Deadly SignsSubscriber Access Only
Ministries that think they can do no financial wrong deceive themselves.
Memo to Worship BandsSubscriber Access Only
Five sound reasons to lower the volume.
Why Didn’t God Make You More Beautiful?
The glorious gospel needs ordinary people.
Finding a Home for EveSubscriber Access Only
We are right to criticize radical feminist scholars—and wrong to ignore them.
"In the World, but…"Subscriber Access Only
Richard Niebuhr's Christ and Culture is 50 years old—and still has something wise to say to evangelicals.
"Ears to Hear, Eyes to See"Subscriber Access Only
Luci Shaw's poetry helps us pay attention to God's world
The Precarious Future of Assisted Suicide
'Culture of Death' sounds the alarm on pending medical bioethics legislation and other troubling trends.
The Perils of Left and RightSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical theology is much bigger and richer than our two-party labels.
The Jesus I'd Prefer to KnowSubscriber Access Only
Searching for the historical Jesus and finding oneself instead.
Why the Time Is Ripe for Pro-Life ReformSubscriber Access Only
Despite what you may have heard, more Americans than ever want abortion access restricted.
You Can’t Reject a Faith You Never Knew
You Can’t Reject a Faith You Never Knew
Historian Alec Ryrie offers a revisionist take on the roots of unbelief. But there’s another story that needs telling.
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