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Finding True NorthSubscriber Access Only
Confused and aimless? You can recover your sense of direction.
The Unique Network of a Small ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Learning to communicate in ways a congregation expects.
Eat, Drink, and Be HungrySubscriber Access Only
It's emptiness, not fullness, that Jesus blesses.
Listen Up if You Want to Be More Like JesusSubscriber Access Only
How we imitate Christ by practicing the art of listening.
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Following God in ObscuritySubscriber Access Only
Investing in Small Church FuturesSubscriber Access Only
Life after a Medical Death SentenceSubscriber Access Only
Theologian J. Todd Billings learns how to travel in cancer's company.
Assessment Pack: Taking the Pulse of Your ChurchSubscriber Access Only
It's not only important to know where the church is heading, but to know where your congregants think it's heading, too.
The Gift of DisillusionmentSubscriber Access Only
Why being disappointed by your church may actually be a good thing.
What is one common mistake that churches make when searching for a new pastor?Subscriber Access Only
John Koessler responds in our Ask the Experts discussion.
The Trajectory of WorshipSubscriber Access Only
What's really happening when we praise God in song?
Why I Return To The PewsSubscriber Access Only
The church has often left me bemused, bored, or mystified, but I can no more abandon it than I can myself.
Seeing Jesus Through Doubting EyesSubscriber Access Only
What can we learn about our Savior—and ourselves—from biblical figures who “got him wrong”?
What the Magic Kingdom Reminds Us About the Eternal Kingdom
The happiest place isn't on earth...yet.
Praying for Hong Kong Is Politically Disruptive—Even in America
Praying for Hong Kong Can Be Politically Disruptive—Even in America
Why Chinese diaspora churches remain silent while Christians in Hong Kong take to the streets.
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