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Divine Comedy
Taking Care of Busyness
How to minister at a healthy pace.
In the Word: The 'Shyness' of God
Self-centeredness is cured by looking deeply within the life of the Trinity.
Slaying Spiritual Skepticism
After six days, God's creation was done. But for pastors…
God's Call Waiting
Be faithful where you are while you wait for God's call.
Non-prophet Preaching
In an election year, is "Don't talk about politics" good advice?
Redeemed Time, Lightened Burdens
Our work is transformed by the way we approach it.
Hitting a Baseball and the Other "Hardest" Things
Ministry has its own list
The Sin Tamer
Do we ever get to stop fighting against the evil within?
Category Confusion
Is the question for Christians "Out or In?" or "Farther or Closer?"
Steve Jobs, Al Davis, Roger Williams, and You
What we learn from the passing of our icons.
Higher Stakes Friendship
Five rules that allow friends to be real friends.
Ponce de León on Steroids
What does Christian maturity look like in a youth-worshiping culture?
Food for Thought
Developing Vision
This resource offers biblical reflection, wisdom from experienced pastors, and practical tips on how to identify, shape, and refine your ministry's vision.
The Approval Addiction
Holy Tension
Creating and seizing opportunities for spiritual transformation.
One-Minute Maturity
How a hurried and harried pastor began practicing the spiritual disciplines--deliberately.

Top Story January 16, 2021

March for Life Plans Disrupted by DC Security Concerns
March for Life Plans Disrupted by DC Security Concerns
The annual event is asking participants to “stay home” for the first time since Roe v. Wade.

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