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Over Her Dead BodySubscriber Access Only
True Love Cast Out All EvilSubscriber Access Only
The Darjeeling LimitedSubscriber Access Only
X-Men Critics Stand DividedSubscriber Access Only
Christian reviewers offer different perspectives on X-Men: The Last Stand. Plus, more on The Da Vinci Code.
Flash of GeniusSubscriber Access Only
Counting StarsSubscriber Access Only
Namaste SateSubscriber Access Only
Love, Peace, and SoulSubscriber Access Only
Born to Sing: No Plan BSubscriber Access Only
Meet DaveSubscriber Access Only
The Pink Panther 2Subscriber Access Only
Steve Martin takes his second shot at the role of Inspector Clouseau, and the results are significantly less bumbling than before—but that’s on a very relative scale.
Stay PositiveSubscriber Access Only
Alternative/roots rock
Written In ChalkSubscriber Access Only
On their first album in 8 years, Buddy and Julie are brilliant.
Memphis BluesSubscriber Access Only
TempestSubscriber Access Only
Burn After ReadingSubscriber Access Only
Funny PeopleSubscriber Access Only
The king of raunchy comedy makes a movie about comedy—and about death. But it's overly ambitious, and in the end, a bit of a sprawling mess.
Up on the RidgeSubscriber Access Only
The Last AirbenderSubscriber Access Only
The successful children's adventure series could have made for a stellar big-screen blockbuster. Unfortunately, this isn't it.
Georgia Endorsed Bible Classes. Twice. But Schools Aren’t Teaching Them
Georgia Endorsed Bible Classes. Twice. But Schools Aren’t Teaching Them
Why a growing political push to put the Bible in classrooms only has a minor impact.
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