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Phil Vischer Wants More Gospel in the Veggies
VeggieTales is back, with an emphasis on the New Testament and biblical story.
Same Sex Marriage Is Legal: How Pastors are Responding in this Crucial MomentSubscriber Access Only
A faithful response means adopting a proper posture, not just correct doctrine.
Beyond the ScreensSubscriber Access Only
How can multisite churches convey pastoral presence?
How Refugees Revived One White Iowa Church
Meet the congregation that traded in a homogeneous heritage for a diverse future.
Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to US Hospitals
Two Christian bioethicists on life or death issues that American doctors may soon face.
The 4 Great Challenges of Christian CounselingSubscriber Access Only
Pastors must prepare to bear these burdens as they meet with parishioners.
From Convict to Calling
Danny Duchene found Jesus in jail. Now, he's a pastor at Saddleback Church.
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
How one NYC couple is aiming for a maximum return on investment in their business and life.
When Pastors and Pews Disagree on Churches Reopening
Pastoral submission amid a pandemic: Who should Christians heed when following Romans 13 and Hebrews 13 seems to conflict?
When Tragedy Left Six Kids Orphaned, This Church Stepped In
Within 48 hours, the congregation suddenly lost two of its most active members—and the kids lost their parents.
Master’s Seminary Grad Takes Kanye’s Crowds to Church
How the pastor of a small, nondenominational Bible church ended up in Kanye’s circle.
Muslims Are Celebrating Their Biggest Holiday in Isolation. Christians Know What That’s Like.
How believers can reach out and encourage followers of Islam during Ramadan.
Locally Grown Pastors
4 ways churches are preparing ministers in-house.
Garrett Swasey's 'Ministry of Protection'Subscriber Access Only
The cop-and-pastor slain in Colorado Springs protected people in the streets and in the church.
After Gas Station Break-In, Churchgoers Rally to the Pumps
How a Georgia church helped save a burglary victim's business just by filling their tanks.
The Embodied Church in a Digital AgeSubscriber Access Only
Should we cheer or moan when online churches perform virtual baptisms?
Carving Out a Niche for Micro-CongregationsSubscriber Access Only
A new wave of designer ministries isn’t about attracting people to “big church.”
This Church Model Thrives in Post-Christian Contexts
Missional communities seek to broaden our understanding of what it means to be a local church.
Ministries Face the Real Trafficking Crisis During COVID-19
Desperation and isolation put vulnerable populations at risk.

Top Story August 6, 2020

12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
Evangelical leaders describe the damage, how Christians are helping, and the need for a hope beyond politics.

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