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"Prayer, Incorporated"
Growing numbers of businesses count intercessors as a corporate asset
Agencies Announce Short-Term Missions Standards
Similar codes have been established in Great Britain and Canada
A Kinder, Gentler ConservatismSubscriber Access Only
New Southern Baptist leader promises broader involvement.
Christian Financial World Sees Silver Lining in Banking MessSubscriber Access Only
Firms have generally avoided debt and speculative practices, experts and insiders say.
Out of Context
Debate over 'Camel method' probes limits of Muslim-focused evangelism.
Church Drops Mortgage for Expansion
A church in Las Vegas dropped plans to expand through mortgage payments.
Missionary Money: Easier to Give, Worth Less than Ever
The new challenges of missions donations.
Opening the Adoption Files
Secrecy gives way to relationships with birth mothers.
Schools Tussle Over Sex Standards
(UPDATED) Why are fired teachers still suing Christian schools?
Para discusión
¿Deben los cristianos leer toda la Biblia en un año?
¿Está pensando en comenzar de nuevo en Génesis 1 al empezar el año? Los expertos nos dan sus opiniones sobre si ese es el mejor plan.
Read in English
Creationism: Young-Earth Theory Gains Advocates
The Politics of Prayer
The Presidential Prayer Team prays for Bush, Iraq, and more voters.
Living Bible Creator Dies
But Ken Taylor's legacy is even larger.
Evangelical Mainliners Remember Defender of Orthodoxy
Diane Knippers was at the heart of mainline renewal movements.
Ghost Growth
Baptist report: Some 'failed' church plants never existed.
Trusted Guides
Texas Baptists want to help immigrants become citizens.
Managing a CrisisSubscriber Access Only
Relief needs in China and Myanmar are massive—and will likely continue for years.
Marketing Martyrs: Does Iranian Pastor's Theology Impact Advocacy on His Behalf?
Youcef Nadarkhani's beliefs raises strategic questions.
How Missionaries Are Changing Medicine
Why we'll see more impressive discoveries in the field.
Faith-Themed Television Boosted by 'The Bible'Subscriber Access Only
Is another chase after Passion dollars a good thing?

Top Story April 1, 2020

Have Yourself a Bittersweet Easter
Have Yourself a Bittersweet Easter
A typical Holy Week is out of reach this year. That's cause for lament—and celebration.

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