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Beautiful BoySubscriber Access Only
Their marriage already strained, a couple faces devastating news about their son. PLUS: Interview with Michael Sheen.
Life, Above AllSubscriber Access Only
A mother-daughter bond is challenged amidst the sub-Saharan AIDS epidemic.
ImmortalsSubscriber Access Only
If you want a cruelly, barbarously, savagely, callously, inhumanely, pitilessly violent—and lousy—movie, here you go.
Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1Subscriber Access Only
The franchise everyone loves—or loves to hate—begins its conclusion. PLUS: Destiny vs. free will in 'Twilight.'
Six Indie Films You Won't Want to Miss
Arthouse movies from 2011 that didn't get the attention they deserved.
ContrabandSubscriber Access Only
When a violent drug dealer threatens his family, a former smuggler agrees to do one last job.
Safe HouseSubscriber Access Only
Everybody fights and everybody lies in a thriller that tries to glamorize spies while demonizing their profession.
Cloud AtlasSubscriber Access Only
Bloated adaptation of David Mitchell's novel feels like a record stuck on the same note over and over.
The CallSubscriber Access Only
'The Call' and 'Oz the Great and Powerful' are a pair of postmodern misfires.
Before MidnightSubscriber Access Only
Celine and Jesse are white-knuckling the transition from young lovers to middle-aged couple in a serious but depressing examination of modern views about love and marriage.
VFF 2013—Day 3: 'The Gettysburg Story,' 'Philomena,' 'The Pervert's Guide to Ideology,' and 'A Single Shot'Subscriber Access Only
Yes, a good film festival can make your head spin a little (before it explodes).
PhilomenaSubscriber Access Only
A journalist hostile to religion helps a Roman Catholic woman look for the son who was taken from her.
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Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitSubscriber Access Only
Any resemblance to the Tom Clancy character is strictly coincidental.
MaleficentSubscriber Access Only
She’s not bad, she was just drawn that way.
Hey, Boo!Subscriber Access Only
New documentary explores Harper Lee, 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' and the classic film
The JudgeSubscriber Access Only
Like watching the All-Star game: nobody cares who wins.
The 33Subscriber Access Only
Chilean miners trapped underground, waiting for the miracle to come.
The Good DinosaurSubscriber Access Only
Possibly the most generic Pixar movie ever.
An African American Confronts the Klan in Accidental CourtesySubscriber Access Only
Daryl Davis has a startling method for converting racists: he befriends them.

Top Story April 2, 2020

In Pandemic and in Health, I Make This Vow
In Pandemic and in Health, I Make This Vow
Engaged Americans are grappling with foiled wedding plans. But Christian couples face unique moral challenges.

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