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A Day in UtopiaSubscriber Access Only
CT visits the set of an upcoming inspirational film starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black.
ConvictionSubscriber Access Only
Compelling true story becomes conventional legal drama.
The TouristSubscriber Access Only
Tepid romance and sluggish action can't match the beauty of Venice.
MelancholiaSubscriber Access Only
A woman fights depression on her wedding night as the world around her prepares for what may be a cosmic disaster.
Django UnchainedSubscriber Access Only
Simultaneously infuriating and exhilarating—in other words, quintessential Tarantino.
AdmissionSubscriber Access Only
Even Tina Fey can't save this depressed and depressing romantic comedy, which fails to earn passing marks.
Star Trek Into DarknessSubscriber Access Only
Lots of explosions but not much heart makes this a film that will please most but might leave fans disappointed.
White House DownSubscriber Access Only
White House Down and The Heat leave the audience wanting way, way less.
TIFF Update - Day 8: The Police Officer's Wife, A Promise, Blind Detective, and A Wolf at the DoorSubscriber Access Only
The latest from the director of INTO GREAT SILENCE, a boring adultery film, a fun cop flick, and more.
Grace UnpluggedSubscriber Access Only
A film only (some) Christians could love.
VFF 2013—Day 1: 'Running from Crazy' and 'Computer Chess'Subscriber Access Only
Ernest Hemingway's granddaughter Mariel explores her family's mental health legacy, and nerds pit computers against each other.
Un periodista hostil a la religión ayuda a una mujer católica a buscar al hijo que le habían quitado.
SXSW 2014—Day 1: 'Chef'Subscriber Access Only
Jon Favreau celebrates creativity in festival opener.
SXSW 2014—Day 7: Break Point; I Believe in Unicorns; JoeSubscriber Access Only
Suffer the little children.
Heaven Is for RealSubscriber Access Only
A toddler’s report that he has visited heaven is met with skepticism from everyone but his father.
Dawn of the Planet of the ApesSubscriber Access Only
Are we really doomed to this?
'The Virgins' Are On Their Way Subscriber Access Only
Matt Wilson never stopped wanting to make a movie about Christians. Just not a 'Christian' movie.
The Theory of EverythingSubscriber Access Only
A heartbreaking work of super-duper staggering genius.
The Long Tail: ‘Love Me,’ ‘Traitors’ and ‘The Widowmaker’Subscriber Access Only
Global takes on stories about hookers, wannabe punk rockers, and . . . coronary artery scanning?
Do You Believe in Confirmation Bias?Subscriber Access Only
Reflections on the Christian movie echo chamber.

Top Story July 5, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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