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Watching My Daughter 'Defect'
Part of being a good Christian is being a good citizen
In Earch of Heroes
The Miracle of Christmas
Reaffirming the mystery of the Incarnation.
The Doctrine Wars
Instead of feeling battle weary, evangelicals should gird themselves for new skirmishes ahead.
The Road to Restoration
How should the church treat its fallen leaders?
Why I Still Believe the Bible Is True
Redaction Criticism: Handle with Care
Vacation by Objectives
The Pinocchio Syndrome
A Busman’s Holiday in Japan
Lead! Lead! Lead!
Fiddling on the Brink of Hell
Alone with God Is Not Enough
Don’t Start the Revolution without Me!
Hard Questions for Robert Schuller About Sin and Self-Esteem
Controversy has swirled around Robert Schuller’s teachings about self-esteem and possibility thinking. Some have accused him of being soft on the doctrine of sin. To answer these questions we went to Schuller personally, as well as to his writings and preaching.
A Theologian Looks at Schuller
Dr. Kantzer has read extensively the writings of Robert Schuller and was a member of the trio sent by CT to spend a day interviewing him.

Top Story January 27, 2021

Questions Continue for Women in Complementarian Churches
Questions Continue for Women in Complementarian Churches
Three decades after the Danvers Statement articulated clear gender roles, its application still causes tension.

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