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The Carl Henry that Might Have BeenSubscriber Access Only
Carl Henry will be remembered as someone who, in a confusing age, held forth the solid middle of a faith that fortifies the whole human person against the fraying ends of irrationalism and superstition.
The Road to RestorationSubscriber Access Only
How should the church treat its fallen leaders?
Saving Public EducationSubscriber Access Only
The Charismatics among UsSubscriber Access Only
Visions, Voices, and ChoicesSubscriber Access Only
Hard Questions for Robert Schuller About Sin and Self-EsteemSubscriber Access Only
Controversy has swirled around Robert Schuller’s teachings about self-esteem and possibility thinking. Some have accused him of being soft on the doctrine of sin. To answer these questions we went to Schuller personally, as well as to his writings and preaching.
A Theologian Looks at SchullerSubscriber Access Only
Dr. Kantzer has read extensively the writings of Robert Schuller and was a member of the trio sent by CT to spend a day interviewing him.
Evangelicalism: Midcourse Self-AppraisalSubscriber Access Only
No Sacrifice on My BarbecueSubscriber Access Only
The Jericho FactorSubscriber Access Only
The spirit of freedom still blows the trumpet that brings down walls.
Fine-Tuning TelevangelismSubscriber Access Only
Within Our ReachSubscriber Access Only
If Only Wesley Were HereSubscriber Access Only
Beyond 1984: An Evangelical AgendaSubscriber Access Only
Afraid of HeavenSubscriber Access Only
Troublesome QuestionsSubscriber Access Only
The human mind, through rational argument, cannot penetrate the fragmentary data and arrive at conclusions about the nature of life after death.
Watching My Daughter 'Defect'Subscriber Access Only
Part of being a good Christian is being a good citizen
In Earch of HeroesSubscriber Access Only

Top Story August 12, 2020

Christian Colleges: God Wants You to Wear a Mask to Class
Christian Colleges: God Wants You to Wear a Mask to Class
With new campus covenants, dozens of evangelical schools are extending calls to “love your neighbor” to apply to a range of coronavirus safeguards.

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