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Death by MeetingSubscriber Access Only
Your committee meetings need both drama and context.
The Bible's Remedies Against Satan's DevicesSubscriber Access Only
Invoking the Word of God is essential in battling the evil one.
Kevin DeYoung: Stop Feeling So Good About the Sixth CommandmentSubscriber Access Only
You and I have a murder problem, even if we're 100-percent murder-free.
Preaching to the Whole ChoirSubscriber Access Only
Consider what different segments of the church need to hear.
Yes, Holiness Does Require EffortSubscriber Access Only
Kevin DeYoung responds to Mark Galli and our other reviewers.
Productive PrioritiesSubscriber Access Only
Serving well means choosing to do some things and not others.
Godly Grief, Worldly Grief
Only one kind leads to repentance.
The Holiness FactorSubscriber Access Only
The first indispensable quality for ministry is Christlikeness.
Leading a Church in Prayer ...Subscriber Access Only
... deserves thoughtful preparation.
When People are Disappointed with Your ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Seven questions for leaders to ask themselves

Top Story July 5, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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