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God Is Like a Movie DirectorSubscriber Access Only
Though unseen and unheard, he orchestrates the details of our lives—even when they are falling apart.
Fostering Anti-Fragile Faith (Part 2)Subscriber Access Only
Are we open-minded when facing challenges and complexity?
Fostering Anti-Fragile Faith (Part 3)Subscriber Access Only
Do we know what’s really important in discipleship?
Bishop's Move: Rowan Williams's Latest FirestormSubscriber Access Only
A leading British evangelical comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury's turn as guest editor of 'New Statesman.'
Fostering Anti-Fragile Faith (Part 1)Subscriber Access Only
What does it take to nurture faith that’s made stronger by struggle?
The Missionary Who Wouldn't RetireSubscriber Access Only
Lesslie Newbigin, born 100 years ago today, launched a new career at age 66 by calling Western churches to act like they were in the mission field.
For Jesus Army, Must the Wages of Abuse Be Death?
Closure of UK-based charismatic church network raises question of whether ministries can recover after abuse is uncovered.
God Turns Up In All the Wrong Places at Christmas
It’s easy to miss how strange God’s ‘perfect timing’ is in the nativity story.
How the Prophet Habakkuk Built an Anti-Fragile FaithSubscriber Access Only
Lessons on worshiping a consistently unpredictable God.
Let the Foster and Adopted Children Come to Me
Families of vulnerable children often feel unwelcome in their own churches. Here are five ways to change that.
Megxit and the Church: Harry and Meghan Reflect Our Lost Youth
Britain’s royal family isn’t the only institution struggling to retain and empower the next generation.
The Christian Case Against the Orphanage
Children need a stable family, not institutional care.
The Incredible Hospitality of Good Friday
Jesus’ death demonstrates God’s love for outsiders, enemies, and strangers.
An Explosion of JoySubscriber Access Only
What it means to be the apostolic church.
Reclaiming Evangelism: Why Christians Need to Recover Their Passion for Christ
U.K. ministry leader explores evangelism's embarrassment, exclusivity, and entrepreneurial nature
Does the Church’s First Spiritual Abuse Verdict Give Critics a New Weapon?
We emulate Jesus when we expose abuse. But dividing it into special categories may do more harm than good.
Church Is a Family, Not an EventSubscriber Access Only
The Bible refers to fellow Christians as "brothers and sisters," but how often do we treat them as family?
Preaching Paradox and the Paradox of PreachingSubscriber Access Only
Dangling questions can be more powerful than trite answers.
Yes, 100 Christian Kids Are Being Raised by Muslim Families. Here’s the Actual Problem.
The real threat to foster children in the UK (and the US) lies within our own hearts.
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
How one NYC couple is aiming for a maximum return on investment in their business and life.
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