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Evangelism: Adaptable Alpha Course Draws Praise and Worry
Popular British import has big goals for American outreach
Broadcasters Aim to Cool NRB ControversySubscriber Access Only
Dobson, Neff make gestures to mend wounds.
"Churches, Agencies Respond to Attacks"Subscriber Access Only
"Leaders call for prayer, justice, and mercy"
Broadcast Bloodletting
Flap over political identity forces NRB president to resign.
Ediborah Yap: The Almost-Forgotten Hero
The Filipino nurse could have escaped from Abu Sayyaf but stayed to care for the Burhams.
Vatican: Jews do not wait in vain for Messiah
But evangelicals question whether new statement undercuts evangelistic outreach
Taking Back the MusicSubscriber Access Only
Black women are questioning mainstream hip-hop portrayals of them in new ways. But the discussion isn't limited to African-Americans, women or even to hip-hop lovers. So how can we redeem the genre?
Live From the House of BluesSubscriber Access Only
Activists well acquainted with terrorSubscriber Access Only
Jerusalem Women Speak tour gains relevance for audience members struggling with new fears.
"Religious Liberty: Falwell, ACLU fight church restrictions and win."
Virginia laws prohibiting church incorporation found unconstitutional
Talk of Presbyterian Split Grows
Homosexual ordination, lordship of Christ are ongoing issues for conservatives
The GospelSubscriber Access Only
Tear Down the WallsSubscriber Access Only
Jewish Rock
Ten Independent Artists You Should Know (Spring 2004)Subscriber Access Only
Vouchers: High Court to Take Up Vouchers
Justices have agreed to determine constitutionality of Ohio program
Orthodox Church Near Ground Zero Hopes to Rise AgainSubscriber Access Only
"Members hope to rebuild 169-year-old structure, which stood only 500 feet from the World Trade Center"
Right to Die: Hawaii kills physician-assisted suicide bill
"State Senate defeat slows compassion juggernaut, Christian groups say"
Evolving standards: Intelligent Design advocates ask Ohio to broaden origins discussion in public schools
Opponents say the movement is trying to do an end run around science
Free Speech: School District Reverses Course
Saddleback Valley board votes to allow all extracurricular clubs to meet at schools
Beauty ShopSubscriber Access Only

Top Story April 6, 2020

Not Even the Gates of a Hellish Pandemic Will Prevail Over God’s Church
Not Even the Gates of a Hellish Pandemic Will Prevail Over God’s Church
Scripture doesn’t promise wealth or health or even life. What, then, does it promise?

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