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God, why did you let this happen? All that work, all that training, all that prayer. For what?
Jewish Leaders Accept ApologySubscriber Access Only
Graham couldn't have been more humble and apologetic over 1972 comments
Orthodox Group Sues to Halt Church CenterSubscriber Access Only
Construction continues on congregational center in Israel pending court's ruling
Ediborah Yap: The Almost-Forgotten HeroSubscriber Access Only
The Filipino nurse could have escaped from Abu Sayyaf but stayed to care for the Burhams.
Beauty ShopSubscriber Access Only
Mea Culpa: Graham Laments '72 Comments on JewsSubscriber Access Only
Jewish leaders seek meeting before June outreach.
Woman, Thou Art LoosedSubscriber Access Only
Fire Department Chaplain Dies in the Line of DutySubscriber Access Only
Father Mike is remembered for compassion and always being first on the scene.
Tyler Perry's Madea's Family ReunionSubscriber Access Only
Activists well acquainted with terrorSubscriber Access Only
Jerusalem Women Speak tour gains relevance for audience members struggling with new fears.
Church and Zoning Board: Feds Intervene in Zoning CaseSubscriber Access Only
Elsinore Christian Center seeks to relocate into commercial zone
"Churches, Charities Encourage Taxpayers to Give Caesar's Rebate to Godly Causes"Subscriber Access Only
Christians urged to consider donating to areas they wish received more government funding.
Jakes on the LooseSubscriber Access Only
Bishop T. D. Jakes, whose best-selling book, Woman, Thou Art Loosed! is now a full-length motion picture opening this week, talked to us about the movie and its potential impact.
Vouchers: High Court to Take Up VouchersSubscriber Access Only
Justices have agreed to determine constitutionality of Ohio program
God & My Stuff
Why are we rarely satisfied with what we have?
Hope for ShalomSubscriber Access Only
Lisa Graham McMinn's The Contented Soul
Should Pro-lifers Call Black Children an 'Endangered Species'?Subscriber Access Only
The controversial Georgia ad implies that, like endangered species, black children should be protected up until they're born.
Do You KnowSubscriber Access Only
Gospel R&&B/pop
Musical Messengers of the WordSubscriber Access Only
Journeying to faith through the work of musicians, artists, and ministers.
The Fighting TemptationsSubscriber Access Only
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Preemptive Love’s Jeremy Courtney says despite the Turkey deal, “This crisis shows no sign of letting up, and we can’t either.”
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