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Let Pastors' Wives Do Their Own Thing
And please ignore the ones on reality TV.
Don't Tell Emily Post: Guests Are Paying For Weddings Now
Have we taken the whole register-for-whatever-you-want thing too far?
The Christian F-Word
Letting go of our outdated fear of feminism.
What Kind of Sinful Are You?
A spiritual personality test, the Enneagram takes an honest look at our weaknesses.
Coveting Cover to Cover: Why I Gave Up Vogue for Lent
Fashion magazines were eating up my heart.
How to Get Out of Hipsterville
The value of knowing neighbors who don't drink the same coffee.
The Christian Call to Say 'You're Welcome'
How we respond to thanks matters.
'Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus': To Adore or Abhor?
What we can take away from the viral video that elicited such visceral reactions.
John Ortberg Is My Dad, But Don't Call Me a PK
My siblings and I managed to avoid the perils that come with having famous Christian parents.
Dressed for Death: The History of Funeral Fashion
Looking back to when mourning attire was as heavy and dark as grief itself.
What Christians Can Learn from the Legacy of Nora Ephron
The film screenwriter, who died Tuesday, showed that women can be deadly funny about the fears that haunt us.
What Les Miserables Reveals about Modern Women
The plight that befalls Fantine still affects millions of women today.
Grieving with the Good Friday God
Shannon Polson sought healing from her father's death by retracing his fatal journey into the Alaskan wilderness.
Want to Love Your Kids? Stop Overparenting Them
My parents modeled what it looked like to serve God with their gifts while letting us kids explore our own.
Too Girly To Lead?
God cares more about our gifts than our gender.
Enough About the B-Word
Sorry Beyonce and Sheryl Sandberg, we’ve got bigger problems than “bossy.”
They Will Know We are Christians by Our Bestseller Lists. Or Will They?
What do evangelical reading habits say about us?
Q & A: Andrew Palau on the Life of a Fool
In a prodigal son-like story, the son of famed evangelist Luis Palau explains how he went from apathy to doing evangelism with his father.
Women Bloggers and 'Real' Church Ministry
According to, the topics we cover at Her.meneutics are not serious ministry. Excuse me?
Why I'll Accept Your Imperfect Apology
Alan Chambers, Paula Deen, and a Christian response to contrition.

Top Story September 24, 2020

Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
There are four marks of wounded healers.

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