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Autopsy: Christian Painter Thomas Kinkade Died of Accidental Overdose
The "Painter of Light" had been troubled in recent years, family members said.
Religious Restrictions Increased for 2 Billion, Study Says
Obama at the U.N.: A New Religion Doctrine
"Given the power of faith in our lives ... the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression; it is more speech," President says.
Abortion Views Relatively Unchanged 40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Statistics Show
But are Americans' feelings about abortion really so stagnant?
Christian-Jewish Roundtable Splitting on U.S Aid to Israel
Mainline Protestant leaders' letter to Congress prompts Jewish leaders' boycott.
Government Offers 'Concrete Direction' on Church Violence
Guidelines recommend “run, hide, or fight” doctrine for churches confronted with a homicidal gunman.
State Dept. Tries to Raise Visibility of Religion

Top Story March 7, 2021

Died: Larry Crabb, Christian Counselor Who Kept Exploring
Died: Larry Crabb, Christian Counselor Who Kept Exploring
Author of ‘Effective Biblical Counseling,’ ‘Inside Out,' ‘Shattered Dreams,’ and ‘SoulTalk’ taught that aching souls long for the Triune God.

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