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Is Suicide Unforgivable?
Question: What is the biblical hope and comfort we can offer a suicide victim's family and friends? —name withheld
Pastors don't preach to eager scholars, but to silent sufferers in every pew.
Controlling the Unpredictable—The Power of Promising
When you make a promise you have created a small sanctuary of trust within the jungle of unpredictability
Forgiveness—The Power to Change the Past
To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you
Arguments in Favor of Abortion Are Strong...
… if you accept one all-important assumption
Keys to Forgiving
Food for Thought - May 5 2008
How to Deal with Criminals
Is there a biblical principle behind the punishment of those who break the law?
The Unintentional Ethicist
How three assumptions about God can shape the moral choices we are called to make
Can God Reach the Mentally Disabled?
Are mentally challenged adults whose intellectual age is probably that of a 1-year-old sheltered under God's salvation?
Responses to Elkins
CT talked with several individuals to get some of their thinking regarding Baby Doe and his impact on medical and societal ethics and decision making.
Who Are We to Judge?
Did Jesus forbid us from judging others?
The Essence of the Church

Top Story November 30, 2020

How to Fake a Fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls
How to Fake a Fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls
And other things you wanted to ask an expert in forged biblical antiquities.

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